Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Earl, call the exterminator, I just found another newbie under the sink (Sharon)

Why another blog site for random thoughts on nothingness? Well, why not?

If you're here then you probably know who we are (when I say we, I mean me and Doreen, not speaking about myself plural-ized) (and I don't care if plural-ized is really a word so please don't look it up and get back to me, just go with it). Also I wasn't going to do an introduction because I look horrible in black and white.

But since I'm here anyway, might as well... so here goes - yes, we are newbies, much as I dislike that word.

Inexperienced, virginal, first-timer. All appropriate, as it applies to blogging. However I prefer ingenue. Though can you be, at our age? When I think of ingenues, right or wrong, I think young innocent bombshells. Think Marilyn Monroe, the early years aka Norma Jean.

But ingenue, (say it with me, aahn-jhah-new) it does sound a bit more intriguing than newbie, right? I mean, come on, newbie rhymes with doobie. Also with boobie. See what I'm saying?

We're at the halfway point of my blog today and I still haven't told you about me. But you're still fascinated right? Ok, let's share.

My immediate goals are 1) finishing the novel I started last summer and 2) find an agent I love who loves me back most of the time. Oh also 3) look killer in a bikini this summer, like gee-Mrs. Kendrew-can-I-bring-you-a-lemonade-or-maybe-just-stare-at-you-for-a-bit killer.

I'm getting there with #1 - my goal is to have it in relatively decent shape before I check out of this incredibly lovely old building in Boston I'm holed up in this week for that very purpose. Away from the kids, husband, job, cell phone (not really), housework, employees, clients, dry cleaners, emails (also not really)landscaper, gynocologist, friends, family, people I like, people I don't like and people I don't really know. You get the idea.

#2 I am still researching and have only queried 2 agents so far. Lauren Abramo, to you I say your loss, sister. Your rejection was the first and it didn't even hurt. Except a little bit.

#3 Ummm, yeah. Not so much.

So as I listen to the sounds from below and outside my door - the traffic, the foreign tourists calling out to each other (why do they all talk so loud anyway?), the occasional bird at my window and the delightful sounds from down the hall knock, knock, knock, "Housekeeping!" (could be worse, that knocking could be a headboard on the other side of my wall, right?) - I took a break to share some of me with you. Cross your fingers for me. Friday's going to come sooner than I expect.

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tkendrew said...

As the non writing member of this relationship it appears that you might be losing "it" during your alone time. BTW the fire department didn't take to long to put out the oven fire. Willy said it will not take to long to repair the damage. Chisel says that insurance will cover it...take as much time as you need. Don't worry about us