Monday, May 18, 2009

Migraines, swine flu and tumors, oh my

Ever have one of those weeks when you think more thoughts than your brain can handle? For the first time ever, or at least as far back as I can remember, I had a migraine. Two actually. An honest-to-goodness-I'm-going-to-throw-up-it-hurts-so-bad migraine.

At first I thought it was because I just finished writing a fantastic scene (btw, I hit the 100K mark on the book, a little wahoo in in order here. Wahoo!!) that was so incredibly moving that I was bawling my eyes out. And I wrote the darn thing. And it was that good. Trust me on this. I cut and paste it and sent it to Doreen because I get a weird sort of kick in sending her emails at work that make her cry. Which, by the way, she didn't because she promptly deleted it insisting she must read the book in order instead of the pieces I keep sending her. Whatever.

Anyway, I thought that the migraine was all about that - the emotional stress I brought upon myself (I'm modest but that scene was 2 syllable good, like the southerners say guh-oood). But the second migraine hit the next day and I was pretty sure I had a tumor or at the very least, swine flu. I had no idea what brought on the migraines but with the possibility of it being a tumor I felt the need to share a little love today, to think about the things I love and how good they make me feel. And to let them know I love them. Just in case the tumor is fatal. Which I don't think it is since I haven't had a migraine in several days. But still.

So here goes - things I love and not necessarily in order:

My wonderful son
My terrific daugther
My loving husband
The inner circle (Doreen, Lisa, Teresa, Warren, Rob, Linda, Paul and if I forgot anyone else, you too)
Microwave popcorn, movie theatre butter
My laptop (currently monogamous with a Dell)
Gardenia scented candles
All kinds of accessories
Calvin Klein boy cut jeans, size 4 with huge holes in both knees that have been with me at some really good times and always make my ass look good (8 yr old jeans, real holes)
Dark bing cherries
Books, all kinds
Whoever invented the internet (no Dan Quayle, it was not you)
Vince Vaughn (tee hee)
Digital cameras
My random animals except when they pee or poo in the house and then not so much
Every island in the Caribbean I've ever been to
Room service
Kim Crawford savignon blanc
Polite people everywhere
The praise band at church (seriously good)
A great steak house
Babies and toddlers
The first ring my husband ever bought me (silver thumb ring inscribed with "love conquers all" in latin, c'mon say it awwww, sweet!)
Doting grandparents
My house
The cottage in PA
The Dan in Real Life family summer house
The Dan in Real Life family (seriously, where can I sign up?)
Alone time
Family time, when the kids aren't calling each other gay all night
Girl's Night In
Fireplaces indoor and out

So yeah, I could keep going on but the point of this list was to make me feel better. Now that I do I'm done.

Self serving, pointless blog? Maybe. Read that little thing over to the right, this site is not about you, it's about us remember??? Sheesh.

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Doreen said...

I watch Dan in Real Life Sunday night. I really love that movie. Do people really have that kind of life? Are families that happy just spending time together? If so, I'm available for adoption.