Friday, May 15, 2009

Why my prescriptions cost $500.00

My daughter's pediatrician sends prescriptions over electronically now. Isn't that a time saver??? Suuuureee it is.

In the old days (2008) I'd take the 4x4 piece of paper the prescription is written on and bring it with me to the pharmacy (oh and a bonus, let's save a tree!).

So no dropping off, standing around CVS trying to kill 15 minutes until your name is called, during which time I tend to purchase $160.00 worth of make up I'll never use, a People magazine I won't read, several really funny Hallmark cards that I'll tuck away somewhere to be sent later and then promptly forget about and candy that I will eat but shouldn't. So I don't get out of there for less than oh, two hundred bucks, easy.

The point is, this new electronic communication method is supposed to save me money. I mean time. But in my case money. Right? Wrong!!!!

Join me on a recent trip to the doctors. She's sick, prescription necessary, blah, blah, blah, click, click, click and Mrs. Mommy the prescription will be available as soon as you get there! (says perky cute doctor who is closer to my daughter's age than mine).

I leave the doctors, 20 minutes home to deposit said sick child with loving husband, how was your day, what's wrong with her, blah blah, an hour or so at home fussing about and by the time I get to CVS a minimum of 2 hours have passed since the prescription has supposedly traveled through space and time. Be right back honey!!!

So I bypass the beauty products, the pseudo-Yankee candles, the swedish fish (ok, I don't bypass the fish) and the delightful greeting cards (someday I'd like to write for Hallmark, they are pretty funny), march right up to the pharmacy where I'm promptly told, nooooo, we don't have a prescription here by that name. May not have transmitted properly. We'll call your doctor though, Mrs. Mommy. Give us a few hours, okey dokey? Ugh!

Off I go, not back home, though, oh no. More likely off to run other errands, now I'm hungry so I stop at, where else, McDonalds, and then hmmm... Target is right there, and though I don't need anything it's closer to stop here than drive all the way back home... I'll just look to kill time. Cute scarf, oh I needed new work out pants, loooove the new stuff Isaac Mizrahni is putting out for spring, I did need some candles and oh, the cards here are pretty funny too.

The NH state liquor store is right there? Well, I didn't bring my list but I bet we're low on house red at home (in our case, Davinci chianti) and oh, there's a sale on Kim Crawford savignon blanc and just as I'm getting in line with my case (yes, I said case) of wine... oh, look. A sale. On every frickin' flavor of rum you can imagine. Which flows like water at my house when Lisa and Doreen are over (oh puh-lease, don't comment and deny, either one of you!).

I return to CVS four hours later. I've now spent $480.00, eaten 3,500 delicious McDonald's calories and have seriously contributed to the alcohol intake of my good friends.

Ok so what's my point? Actually there isn't one today.


TK said...

I believe that your point was that if you were a man the prescription would have been ready the first time you went to CVS...for whatever reason we don't have to call ahead to check availability!!

DoreenandSharon said...

No wait, I have it. The point is that you're an impulse shopper who is in denial and blames her spending on poor unsuspecting pharmacies. Oh, and you have alcoholic friends. :)