Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Women get shafted... again

There's a relatively new term out there, new-ish to me anyway. Perhaps you've heard it or maybe even used it. Bromance. It's a term coined for two male friends who are heterosexual but have a non-sexual crush on each other. A newer, deeper version of the BFF. A cross between brothers and romance. With me so far?

Ok so why don't us women have a term for this non-sexual crush? Unless I've missed something of course (which, trust me, is quite possible) we don't have a fabulous phrase to describe the close-knit relationship between two women. Is it because women have always had these special bonds? Or perhaps because we don't need to define it to know it's there?
Perhaps it's because for centuries we have supported one another through thick and then, while for men, well let's face it, this is a new thing for them, right? Wrong! It's because, once again, we've been shafted! Men get a word because well, because they're men.

So where's our word? Let's see... combine chick and crush and you get chush. Nope, that's icky and sounds like a word you might use with a three year old. "Wipe your chush when you're done in there sweetie!"

Ok, let's try ladies and infatuation - ladulation? Huh, rhymes with flatulation. No thanks.

Female and ardor? Farder... right up there with ladulation. ('course guys would love these words, since they did invent the "pull my finger" trick).

So ladies, I'm here to say we need our own word! Help me right this wrong, post your suggestions today, let's come together as sisters (oooh, how about sisters and fancy - the Brits use that instead of crush. Sancy? uhhh, me thinks not.) and before you know it we'll get our female version of bromance the recognition it deserves, - a full page on wikipedia, with pictures, even.
So as I wait for the women's words of wisdom, I give you this to ponder, a poem dedicated to Doreen, my girdmire (that's girl and admire, totally not loving it).

A friend who...

Has big Chinese eyes,
(I don’t agree but you do)
Loves Ed like I do
And the Stuckeyville crew

Knows who’s “spoon-worthy”
And who should talk to the hand
Agrees I’m a princess
From a faraway land

Can only find Boston
If it’s drawn on a map
Puts up with her family
And takes lots of crap

Makes good on all bets
And gets me back good
Never throws me under the bus
(Even though she sure could!)

Flirts with my husband
And sometimes my son
Laughs ‘til we both cry
‘Cause she knows how to have fun

Brings cupcakes and cookies
To parties and dinners
Loves to play poker
Some losers, more winners

Fed me tequila
When my world fell apart
Babysat me for weeks
And helped heal my heart

Belts out “It’s Alright”
When Big Head’s in town
Teases and jokes with my daughter
Then knocks my dog down

A Red Sox connection
Big Patriots fan
Drinks by the pool
Gets a beachy sun tan

Voted for Obama
(I forgave her for this)
Laughs at my jokes
That others may miss

Knows my real family
Should be Dan in Real Life
Makes me crack up
When my head’s full of strife

Answers my texts
When late night I buzz
But most of all you “get me
Like no one else does

Thanks for being my brodore (broad and adore, rhymes with odor? uggh!)


Carolyn said...

How about "Soulsta's"
Soul Sista's!

Doreen said...

Do you people see why I have a non-sexual crush on her?? This blog was a riot, not to mention she wrote me a poem! So I'm still trying to thing about a name, now I am taking it as a personal challenge (what can I say? I'm competitive!)

I think Carolyn came up with a great one, but I'm going to let her tell you in her own would be very bad form to take credit for her idea!

So here's to the sisterhood - let's go ladies let's hear your suggestions!

Carolyn said...

Doreen - above your post.... I shared!
(just not the thing about the girl with the lisp coming up with a name like "Soulsta")... ooops, I just I just shared that too!
hee hee

live lots, laugh often, love much!

Doreen said...

I think you were posting at the same time I was Carolyn. I really like Soulsta :)

DoreenandSharon said...

So far I'm with soulsta too! I think it's swell, hee hee (knew I was going to get that word in there somehow today!)