Monday, January 25, 2010

You look just like...

Originally posted 5/13/09... thought I'd repost it as I'm not feeling particularly "Reece-like" today...

Depending on the time in my life, I've been told I look like various people, and thankfully I've always found myself flattered... but lately, the celebrities are getting younger (and surprisingly shorter). I won't complain, not once have I been compared to say, Billy Bob Thornton or Michael Jackson (although you know who MJ looks just like? Peter Wolf. Check it out, I kid you not)

Anyway, I'm checking into a hotel earlier this week and the woman at the desk looks up at me (I was having a very good hair day, and face day too) and it went like this:

Woman: "You know who you look just like?"

Me, all flattered: "Probably but go ahead"

Woman: "Reece Witherspoon"

Me, cocky after having it heard it all of twice before (not going to lie, one time he was drunk) "Yeah I get that a lot"

Of course she looks down at my driver's license, up at me and, naturally has to ask "But you're not, right?"

Hee, hee... no, I'm not. And not even close if you ask me. However Jake Glynhallal (or however you write his name) did visit my hotel room later that same night, but that's another story...

My husband, gotta love him, insisted on calling me Reece all that day, much to my daughter's mortification, going so far as to put our dinner reservations under Reece. Funny guy.

So which famous person do you resemble? Add your comments below...

PS - someday Reece Witherspoon will be checking into a hotel and the conversation will go something like:

Woman: "You know who you look just like?"

Reece: "I know, Reece Witherspoon, right?"

Woman: "No, actually Sharon K, the author. But you're not, right?"

oh yeaaaahhhhh baby



Doreen said...

When I was younger people always said I looked like Marie Osmand, not so much now. - Doreen

Nicole said...

The night I met my husband he called me Reese Witherspoon! Probably b/c I'm sourthern, and had long blonde hair, and in my day was hotter. Or maybe it was just the alcohol and impaired visual. HAHA! I totally see it in you though. :)

Nicole B.

Rebecca said...

I've been told I remind people of Reese...

But I'd been told over the years I look like:
Rosanna Arquette (ugh, seriously??)
Christina Malandaro (Felicia from GH, remember her? That one's not too terrible!)

And recently, it's been Sienna Miller.

Personally, I think it's that they all look like ME, rather than the other way around. Just sayin'...