Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bringing down the beast

I have a unique talent, passed onto me by my mother (I think it's an Italian thing). In the middle of a conversation, without missing a beat, I can insult you and bring you down a few pegs while smiling and continuing the conversation. (think Italian version of Jewish mother guilt, you know a little dig here, a little dig there) You usually don't know what hit you until it's too late. I rarely use this gift because I have rarely come across anyone who deserved it. But last night I did.

Sharon founded and organizes the Rally at the Alley charity event. The event raises money for a local beneficiary in our industry who has been through a hardship. Sharon has been running this event for five years now. A lot of work goes into planning something of this magnitude from securing venue, to marketing the event, to organizing the bowlers and teams, to signs and food, to managing the donations and I could go on and on - trust me, the list is endless. It is a lot of hard work.

There is a woman in the industry, I will call her the Beast, who has trashed this event in the past and Sharon's efforts because, well...that's what spineless, miserable and jealous people do. When people in the industry ignored her rantings (they've seen first hand what a worthwhile event this is), she decided that if you can't beat them, join them and she put on her resume that she was on the committee for the Rally at the Ally for five years.

Last night I was at an event, and the Beast was there. Sharon had a prior commitment and could not attend, but TK pointed her out to me. Now I am not one for making a scene, and certainly not at a public event. But I knew that the Beast had to be knocked down a peg or two.

Since I had never met this woman, I introduced myself to her. She is looking for a job, so she was hungry to make she was eager to engage in conversation with me. While sitting at a table with about 10 other people I said to the person sitting next to her "You look familiar, did I meet you at the Rally this year?" The woman replied "No, but I wanted to go" and I said "Oh it is a great event and so much fun"

The bait was set and the Beast took it. Here is where I put my mad skills to good use:

Beast(smiling): I go to the Rally every year

Me(smiling back): Oh really? I didn't see you there last year.

Beast(back peddling): Oh, well I didn't go last year but I've gone every year prior

Me:(still smiling) No you haven't, I've been there every year.

Now half the table is listening to our conversation

Beast(eyes darting): You must have missed me

Me(still smiling): No, you weren't there. I think I've seen you there once.

Beast(smiling broadly): Right, I helped out that year at the registration desk

Me:(still smiling) That's right, you were the person who let people in for free, which increased the cost of the event and took money away from the beneficiary. That was you.


Me(addressing the woman next to her): It really is a great event I hope to see you there next year.

Girl to my left: I definitely want to go!

Me: I'll make sure you get an invite,(making eye contact with the Beast) the woman who runs the event is my best friend

The Beast got up and walked away towards another group of people.

Mama would have been proud.

Sharon, I've got your back sister - always


SharonK said...


The part you left out? That you actually HAVEN'T been there every year, but how would she know? You called her bluff and she folded, way to go!

I'm a good person most of the time (see my charity work, above!) and just can't understand why someone would trash an event that does so much good. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Beast - note to self, don't f**k with Sharon.

Doreen said...

I told you why, she's a bitter, empty shallow woman who is jealous of your hard work and dedication. We should pray for her.

TK said...

Creatures, two have that soulsta thang goin and it's scarin the shit outta me. I hope I stay on the good side of you two. A little well placed groveling here wouldn't hurt...You know I love you two, RIIIGHT?

Doreen said...

We love you too TK :)