Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have a nice day

On my way to the grocery store this morning, my plan was to get a coffee at Dunkin Donuts (I had no cream, hence the trip to the grocery store - me without my morning coffee can get ugly). The traffic was pretty bad on the street where Dunkin D's was. Normally I get a coffee very early in the morning on my way to work. (I'm on vacation this week, don't even get me started on the weather)

So I'm waiting in traffic to turn right into Dunkin Donuts. There was a woman in a white Toyota, waiting patiently to turn left into the parking lot. The cars just kept going by her, no one was letting her in. So I stopped and let her in. The car behind me honked his horn, I guess he was in a rush and the 2 seconds it took to let that woman go ahead of me was going to make him late. Jerk.

So the woman is in front of me in this massively long line at the drive through, the inside line was no better. Finally, I order my coffee and when I pull up to the window I have my money in hand ready to pay the girl at the window.

She smiles at me and says, "you're coffee is paid for".

Me: (totally confused) "excuse me?"

DD chick: "the woman in the white car before you paid for your coffee and said to have a nice day"

Me: "Wow really?"

DD chick: "yes"

Me: "What did the person behind me order?"

DD chick: "a coffee and a muffin"

Me (handing her a five) "This is for her order, tell her to have a nice day and you keep the change"

I think it is going to be a very nice day today, even without the sun


SharonK said...

Awww, what a great story! And inspiring for the rest of us, I think I'm going to go out and spread some sunshine today!

TK said...

Very nice story :)

Little Ms J said...

Oh, I like this! www.greystreetgirl.com does a $5 Friday every week. She puts $5 in a plastic baggie at some weird spot with a note, "A random act of kindness. Enjoy." There are good people out there!