Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm moving to Ohio

Ok, not really but I did have a dream last night that I was. I know what you're thinking, Ohio?? I was thinking the same thing. I mean seriously, Ohio is not even on my state radar. I have no idea where that came from. I have to admit that I wasn't sure where it was until I looked at a map. For those of you who aren't sure either, it is nestled nicely between Indiana, West Virgina and Pennsylvania. Who knew?

So in my dream, I was pregnant (which isn't even possible since I elected to have the baby factory closed two years ago)and I was also in the army reserves (as if). I got a letter from the reserves telling me that I had to move to Ohio. I was very upset and kept asking my friends if they could do this. "What about my job?" I asked them, "I've been at the same company for 13 years, how can they make me quit? It's the reserves, why are they making me move?" My friends just kept saying "you have to go, you can't fight this". Off I
went, one of my friends and her boyfriend came with me to help me settle in. So there I was in some strange house in Ohio still questioning my friends about the whole situation and they just kept telling me that "there is nothing you can do". Then I woke up.

I did notice that Sharon was not in my dream, which I found strange. But if she were there, I know what she would have said:

"First off, why are you pregnant? HOW are you pregnant?"

"Second, YOU in the military? Seriously? No, really?? Wake up girl"

"Third, even if you were in the military, it's the reserves why would they make you move?"

I think Sharon was not there because she is the voice of reason in my life, the one who says it like it is - who wouldn't let me accept defeat on any level. She's that friend I can always count on. She's my go-to person when I sometimes need someone to make sense of the chaos that is my life. You know, the person who when you're in the throws of hysteria, slaps you across the face and says "snap-out of it". That's Sharon.

So no, I'm not really moving to Ohio. It was just a dream. Besides, Sharon would have talked me out of moving anyway.


SharonK said...

Doreen, this is the voice of reason speaking. You dreamt of Ohio because that's where Jenn and Doug are from, and you're having dinner with them this weekend.

Pregnant - you're clearly expecting something that's going to change your life. In a good way but that may keep you up at night.

Military - hmmm... Your life is in chaos. You're dreaming about something that is so precise, so organized and so regimented that it leaves no room for error.

That's my take. Either that or you had a bit too much Nyquil, which always makes me dream funky stuff.

So happy to be your "go-to" person! If you're ever wondering what you are to me, just refer back to my Ode to Doreen... lol

Doreen said...

Are they really?? I had no idea, or maybe I did and I forgot? I was wondering where some obscure state like Ohio came from!

And perhaps you're right about the pregnancy/military parts of the dream. Here I was just thinking they were random events but clearly now that you've explained them they have meaning!

You're not only my go-to person, but now you're officially my dream interpreter. I am thinking of framing the Ode to Doreen poem. When you're a famous author, it may be worth some money :)