Friday, June 5, 2009

I've Been Slimed

Yesterday I spent an hour of my day, correction, wasted an hour of my day, meeting with, oh let's call him "The Creature" and his attorney.

I'm not going to man bash here, I'm going to Creature bash. And not all Creatures are horrible, actually I think many Creatures are quite wonderful and pleasant to be around. Many Creatures are kind, generous, loving Creatures who make the world a better place every day that they're in it. So it's really just about this one particular Creature. Who always lights up a room. When he leaves it.
This Creature, who hasn't seen his child in over a year (amazing someone so grotesque could have offspring so beautiful and intelligent, isn't it?) wasted a good portion of my attorneys fees reminding us all what a loving, caring, involved dad, uh I mean Creature, he is.

Which of course wasn't the point of the meeting but he felt it was incredibly relevant and needed to reassure himself, I mean us, of what a great person he truly is.

I still am trying to figure out how we, 4 supposed adults, 2 of which are attorneys, sat across a table from each other and accomplished nothing more than making me feel slimed. Seriously, I left there and needed a shower. Ick, ick, icky.
Oh that picture up there? Not him. That creature is warmer and friendlier and far more loving to his Creature offspring than the one I sat across from yesterday.


TK said...

and unfortunately this particular kind of creature does not have the ability to look in the mirror and recognize itself

SharonK said...

Ohhhh, maybe that's the problem! It's one of those shape-shifting, Shallow Hal, magical mirror type of Creatures.

Thanks for pointing that out TK, I don't hate the Creature, I pity the Creature.

Rebecca said...

Ugh, men.