Monday, June 8, 2009

Ooops I did it again

I've now taken my rearranging furniture act on the road...

On Friday night the boy and I went over Sharon's house to hang out with Ziggy. TK and Sharon were spending the night in Boston. So we had a fabulous dinner (I got the kids McDonalds) and watched two episodes of "So you think you can dance". I am not a reality TV show person, but Ziggy was kind enough to explain what the show was about, who the good dancers were, who should make it to the next round etc. I love hanging with Ziggy, she cracks me up. So we decided to watch a movie next, but first - I had an idea (this is usually where I get myself into trouble)

The seating arrangements went like this, Ziggy was sort of laying on the sofa. The boy was sitting on the other end of the sofa and I was sitting on one of the chairs. I've been telling Sharon for months that she should swap one sofa with the two chairs (see diagram), mostly because I hate sitting on the chairs. Yes, it is all about me.

So Before we started the movie, I said to Ziggy - let's move the other sofa where these chairs are. She agreed that it was better for everyone and so we did a little rearranging. (we were laughing the whole time at what Sharon would say when she came home). So we watched our movie, and we were all very comfortable.

Sharon thought it was funny (she gets me). TK, I think was upset. He joked about me invading his personal space, but I think he was serious. It's hard to tell with him sometimes. He told me he's waiting for me to put the stuff back. Sorry TK, you've got a long wait my friend. Sometimes change is good, embrace're welcome :)


TK said...

And you had a willing accomplice in Ziggy because she does not like to share her couch and has been requesting that change for awhile. I feel so violated since you invaded my space

Doreen said...

Awww, think of it this way - now when we have movie nights, you and your lovely bride can cuddle on one sofa and I can have the other one all to myself. Instead of you sitting on a chair while we sit on the sofa. Don't you see? I did this for you, because I care.

SharonK said...

TK usually likes being violated, so not entirely sure what his problem is?

Maybe he just likes the limited seating so we all have to sit closer... yeah, that's probably it.

Oh and never mind that a little furniture arranging should be nothing compared to the great favor you did us by watching Ziggy and giving us our "couple time" in the city while we cavorted with the Ruters... so really the furniture is a minor inconvenience considering what a great night he had with his wife.

Yeah, I so "get" you, lol

AK said...

Those drawings are fabulous.