Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Wet Test Adventure (minds out of the gutter people)

As some of our followers may recall, about a week ago TK (Sharon's husband) put us in charge of the "Jacuzzi Project". Our mission was to decide where to put the jacuzzi, hire a builder to build a deck, hire an electrician and of course purchase the jacuzzi. Our goal was to have the jacuzzi installed and ready for him to enjoy when he came back from his business trip on July 12th.

So far both the builder and the electrician have been to the house to get quotes and we have done our jacuzzi research. We picked out a couple of models that we were interested in. The next step was to give them a "wet test".

A wet test is when the store is closed, we get to try out a hot tub. At first Sharon wasn't sure about hanging out in some show room's jacuzzi even if the store was closed. But I pointed out the fact that she was making a major (we're talking $6,000) purchase. Would she buy a car and not test drive it? Would she buy a sofa and not sit on it?
I mean after all I was NOT thrilled about being seen in a bathing suit by some sales dude either, but I was willing to take one for the BECK team. Oh, the sacrifices I do make for my friends. Yeah, sometimes I do actually make for the sake of the project, we both agreed to get wet in the middle of a showroom floor. Wednesday night was our first "wet test".

We arrive at the show room about 8:00 PM. It's completely dark, obviously closed. Chris, the 20-something sales guy meets us at the door and lets us in. We chat for a few minutes and he walks us over to the steaming, bubbling jacuzzi. I do have to admit I was a little disappointed that there were no candles or wine waiting for us - I mean really Chris, a little ambiance would have been nice (never send a boy to do a man's job). So Chris tells us he'll be in the back room, to t
ake our time and give him a shout when we're done. So, in the middle of the show room, we drop our clothes (uh, yes all of you pervs we had bathing suits on under our clothes)

Sharon got in first, than I followed. The water was warm and felt gre
at after 2 weeks of cold, damp rainy weather. We went from seat to seat and joked about claiming the seat that we thought would give us the most .. umm... pleasure. Next thing we know, we morphed into the two hot chicks in the photo and then Chris shows up in his bathing suit with a bottle of champagne and a tray of strawberries. Without even asking, he hops into the hot tub and settles in and I swear I could hear porn music in the back ground. Okay, that didn't happen but how funny would that have been?

Here's what really happened. We spent about a half hour in the jacuzzi not really talking about the jacuzzi at all; we talked about what was up for the weekend, we talked about what was going on with a few people we know, who was going to be around for the fourth of July... you know, stuff you'd talk about if you were just hanging out in a jacuzzi in your back yard. There was this little pool toy in the jacuzzi which when squeezed sprays out a stream of water. At one point I shot a stream of water right at her face, and said a very inappropriate comment that I can not repeat on our PG13 blog. We bantered back and forth I think TK was mentioned at one get the idea. Yes, we can be immature - but only with each other and never in mixed company because no one gets us, and rarely do they find us funny. But that's okay, we do! :)

At one point Chris came out to "check on us" (code for when are you leaving?) So we got the hint and got out. In front of us was this really cool towel rack,and I said to Sharon "what a cool rack huh? and look, he left towels for us" as I grabbed one off the rack. She followed suit and then we took turns going into the bathroom to put on dry clothes. It was at this point, that I realized the towel I took off the rack was for display because it still had the tag on it.. oops!

So as Sharon and Chris are negotiating price. I check my phone and there is a text message from TK "take pictures". Chris agreed to discuss pricing with his boss and Sharon and I left. I tell her about TK's text message. So in the car, she unzips her sweat shirt and takes a photo of her cleavage to send him. Then we decide that it would be even funnier if we sent him a picture of my hand on her chest. It took a couple of snaps of the camera because we were laughing so hard at what his reaction was going to be. Finally the picture was sent. TK's text message response? "you guys really suck". We laughed all the way home.


TK said...

I want to know more about the nice rack....oh all of you are pervs get your mind out of my gutter. I'm talking about the towel one. Did you buy it? Was it nice? Did it hold the towels in a good position or did the they sag on the ground? I can't wait for the hot tub to come so I can see the rack

SharonK said...

I've decided that the next "wet test" we do has to be during store hours... imagine how much fun we could have sitting in the hot tub as prospective clients walk by... we'd convince them we're the spokesmodels for the brand, and can we answer any questions for you? Number of jets? Oh about 64,000. Horsepower on the motor? 45 each, 6 motors total. Warranty? Lifetime, includes a new replacement hot tub every 5 years plus we come out and clean it for you once a week. Not sure yet? How about if we throw in a year's supply of Dom Perignon and pay your electric bill for the first year? And if you're not completely satisfied you can keep the tub and not pay a thing!

Just doing our part to stimulate the economy!

Debbie said...

That is so funny! I love your sense of humor. And yes, wine and candles would have cinched the deal must faster.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Dumb salesman didn't even have adult beverages chilling? Talk about a missed opportunity...he mighta made a sale.