Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing Tourist

I promised I'd post about this but since our fun-filled weekend with the Ruters so many other things have come up. For example, the Creature, the Beast, Sociopaths... anyway, to remind you - Jenn's the friend from Indiana that we met in St Thomas. TK had gone to the bar while us ladies were still dressing for dinner. We came into the lobby, Ziggy and Miss Thang well ahead of me. Ziggy comes bolting back, exclaiming breathlessly "Mom! TK's sitting at the bar with two women!!!" *disclaimer: no my child was not actually in a bar, it was an open lobby with a bar in it, what kind of mother do you think I am? *disclaimer 2: no, my husband was not chatting up women in the bar, puh-leez!

Jenn and I hit it off right away and stayed in touch since then. Luckily her husband turned out to be as much fun as she is! (What a dull weekend it would have been if he was a drip, huh?)
So here's the highlights of our fun-filled, crazy weekend with the Ruters - thanks for allowing us to play tourist with you in Boston!

Sun barely shining
North End dining
Souvenirs found
Faneuil Hall
Had a ball!
Blue moon beers
Drank at Cheers
Prescott guide
Run and hide!
Gardens walk
Late night talk
Swan boat ride
Groom and bride
Crashed a tour
Feet were sore!
Hancock's grave
Did the wave
Red Sox game
Glad they came!
Sharon and Jen
Laughing when
Tom and Doug
Donkey hug

Tell me this picture's not awesome!


Doreen said...

You forgot this part:

Came home to find to TK's dismay
Furniture moved around every which way
The room flowed better for entertaining I must admit
And even though TK had a little fit
We left it with the changes in the end
Thanks Doreen, you're an awesome friend!

TK said...

I wish I could rhyme but at this time I have....nothing so I guess I will just LMAO. What a great couple of days we had.

SharonK said...

Doreen, you CAN write poetry, I knew it!!!

Can't wait for tomorrow's blog, since I already know the topic, hee hee...

btw, last night TK kissed me and said "you taste like chlorine" I said "WHAT? Did you just tell me I tasted like Doreen???" (keep it clean TK, this is a PG-13 audience)