Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TK's big mistake

Sharon & TK had a small dinner party over the weekend, good friends, great food, delicious martinis and lots of laughter. A great night was had by all, but TK made a big mistake that he may regret...

Allow me to explain. Sharon & TK have been talking about getting a Jacuzzi for over a year now. What size? Lounger or no lounger? How many jets? Where do we put it? Does it need a deck? Should it sink into the deck? Should it have a Stereo? TV? DVD Player? Some thin
gs they agreed upon, others they could not. So a year has gone by and still no Jacuzzi. I for one, was not happy with the way the negotiations were going. I mean seriously, how much longer must I suffer? So...as we all discussed the various locations for the Jacuzzi Tom (probably out of frustration and a few too many drinks) made his crucial mistake. He said "Honestly, I'd rather just come home and have Sharon tell me the builders are coming today to start work on the deck for the Jacuzzi". He had done it, he had given her full control.

She of course solicited my help. We (Sharon & I) immediately sprung into action on the "Jacuzzi Project". We are on a mission to have the deck built, the Jacuzzi purchased and installed by the second week of July. Sharon is in charge of hiring the builder to get the deck done. My assignment is to do research on jacuzzi options/pricing.

We are now three days in, and Sharon already has a builder. I've done some research and now know what hydrotherapy is, I know the benefits of a "hot seat" and a "cool down" seat. I know the difference between an "air injector" and a "jet". Did you know that some places offer a "wet testing" of their spas? Basically you get to try out a jacuzzi before you buy it.

So, we are well on our way to meeting our deadline. TK has been taken out of the loop, which he is probably grateful for. We might let him wet test with us though, just because we're givers. Although I'm not sure I want to jacuzzi hop in a store where there a people lingering about. Maybe we'll take pictures and blog about it.

So TK, we've got the situation all under control. When you come back from your CA trip be prepared to christen the new jacuzzi. Yeah, you can take that any way you want :)


SharonK said...

Friends don't let friends go hot tub-less. You're a good friend.

TK said...

My participation was just a cover anyway...my lovely wife certainly was playing me. She had it all worked out and was just waiting for me to break. Well alcohol and a good dinner did it!! She is now in total control of the situation with her trusty side kick Doreen

Doreen said...

You're the best TK, when I grow up I want to marry a man just like you :)