Monday, June 1, 2009

Why am I never satisfied?

I've always had this problem, no matter how I try to over come it I just can't seem to. I get bored easily, too easily.

When I go to get a manicure, I have a hard time committing to a color nail polish because I know after three days I am going to suddenly hate it and want to change it.

I've changed my bathroom color scheme three times in the past two years, my son's bathroom twice. I move my furniture around every six months (I really only have two moving options because of the size of the room but still I do it). I've changed my living curtains three times so far. I hang pictures up, then want to rearrange them after a couple of weeks. I'm forever covering up holes in my wall.

Does anyone else have this problem? I am so non committal about everything in my life because I know that eventually I will get bored and need a change. Maybe that's why I am still single? Well, that's one of the reasons. The fact that I am like fly-paper for psycho men doesn't really help the situation either.

Yes, clearly I need therapy, but for now I'm trying to decide on what colors to redo my bathroom in. I'm thinking yellow...but I guess it doesn't really matter, I'll hate in in a few months anyway...


SharonK said...

I'm just like this too... actually I'm not... well, sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not. I'm just not sure really. I just can't commit to an answer, sorry.

Doreen said...

Welcome to my world!