Monday, July 6, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Today is my first day back from vacation. Yes, I was on vacation last week. The week it rained 6 out of 7 days. Who's a lucky girl?

Despite the rain, I really did enjoy my time off. I spent a little time doing what I really needed to get done and more time just relaxing. I slept late, well I woke up early but then went back to sleep. There was never a time when I had to be some was actually quite relaxing. I spent some quality time with my boy and with my second family (TK, Sharon, Ziggy and Moose made a rare appearance).

So I'm back to work and the sun is shinning. Not only is it shinning, but there is not one cloud in the sky. Go figure. Coming back to work after vacation is sort of like the first day back to school. You vaguely remember the place, but it all comes back to you when you walk through the doors. People stop by your office to chat and catch up. In my case, everyone is all "wow what a crappy week you had huh?". Thanks people for pointing that out.

I've got 539 emails that I have to sort through, the little red light is lit on my phone that says I have messages. Yeah I'll get to those later. My office looks the same, except for the mountain of mail. When you're in marketing, the junk mail never, when the person who is sorting mail out doesn't know what to do with something - it goes to Marketing. I think it's part of their training. I've tried to point out that I have no use for a 400 page catalog on nail guns. But still the fun never ends.

Despite the fact that my office is very much like a Dilbert cartoon...the truth is, I'm sort of glad to be here. I feel recharged and ready to conquer my little corner of the world!


Debbie said...

Being back after vacation is always intimidating. And my husband has the same luck as you - anytime he is off it rains!

SharonK said...

I do feel your pain but hey, it wasn't snow. That's something, right? And you didn't spend five grand to go somewhere tropical and then have it rain. So that's something, too.

Oh, and you had a job to go back to, so that makes three, count 'em, three wonderful things on this lovely Monday afternoon.

Now, what's a little rain when you have me to spread the sunshine all around???

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I'm always dreading just cleaning up from vacation!

To answer your question on my blog, off the top of my head, movies that are in the top of my list: The Pursuit of Happiness, Stranger than Fiction, Gran Torino, The Departed, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Bourne Identity, Unbreakable, The Assassination of Jesse James, Catch Me if You Can, Amelie, Double Indemnity, The Hudsucker Proxy, Moulin Rouge, O Brother Where Art Thou, About Schmidt, and To Kill a Mockingbird. There's lots of others, but those are just a few.