Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guest Bloggers Wanted!!!

Ever want to write a post but never got around to creating your own blog? Or maybe you have already have a blog but would like to expose it to new and unique followers? Perhaps you don't have a blog, don't want one, never do want one and never did but have something on your mind that you need to share with the world and Facebook and Tweeter just aren't cutting it????

Well, now's your chance! Yay you!

From Aug 13th - Aug 22nd we'll be hosting guest bloggers from around the country, and you, yes lucky you, could be one of them!

To be considered, send us your random bits of reality, any topic is ok (as long as it's covered in chocolate, of course!) no later than Friday, August 7th. All blogs are subject to acceptance and approval by the Soulstas of Reality and may be edited for spelling and grammar. Send all entries to sharon(at)sharonkendrew(dot)com.

And remember, we run a PG-13 blog, keep it clean people!

Good luck! Who knew your day was going to take such a delightful upturn, huh?

- The Soulstas / Sharon and Doreen

1 comment:

Little Ms J said...

Got your tweet! Yes, I'd be happy to guest blog, but I have no idea what I'll blog about! Will think up something saucy and keep it PG13.