Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Independence Day (almost) and a little confession...

I'm a little perplexed this Independence Day weekend - why is everyone and every town celebrating the 4th on the 3rd? It's finally on a Saturday people, and yet not many local towns, other than Boston of course, are hosting their festivities on that day. What's up with that?

Can I confide in you and trust you, my friends, not to mock me? I LOVE the 4th of July for all the right reasons. I love my country and am proud to be American. And if you know me, you know family is a big, big, great big, huge thing for me. If previous or parallel lives exist, I would've been a Walton, living up there on Walton's mountain, wishing John-boy and MaryEllen good night every single night of my life. I wish I had more children. I wish I had parents (long story, no I don't) I wish my kids had grandparents that baked cookies and spoiled them rotten while imparting words of wisdom on them. I wish I had more nieces and nephews than I could count, took huge family trips to DisneyWorld (no shame here, I also love, love, LOVE DisneyWorld) and did corny things like hosted family talent shows a la Dan in Real Life.

No other holiday says family quite like the 4th. Christmas is a great family holiday too, don't get me wrong, but much gets lost in the "what-do-I get-who" thing. Everything about the 4th is just awesome - the patriotism, the food, the games, the fireworks. And don't even get me started on parades... I get teary-eyes, watching all those kids marching down the street, grins so wide and proud, carrying flags or waving or throwing candy. Yay Family! Yay America!

So thank you to our founding fathers for giving us this day of hot dogs, burnt marshmallows, exploding lights in the sky and the chemical smell of bug spray. Even if this isn't quite what you had in mind when you signed that Declaration, be honest, you were thinking of me, weren't you???


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Sharon, thanks for 'following' my blog! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment. Please join the conversation any time. I hope you have a happy fourth, even if it is on the 3rd. At least you don't have rain, like we might here in the Midwest.

See you later. God bless and happy blogging!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Wait, you actually did say you were getting rain...dang it!

Doreen said...

I LOVE the photo of you with the Waltons, I laugh so hard. You ARE a Walton, you will be the grandmother baking cookies and giving your words of wisdom to your grandchildren. That's one of the things I do love about you is how your house (no matter where you live) always feels like home. Great job Mary-Sue.

Debbie said...

Our town is worse - we celebrate the weekend before the 4th. It seems to get earlier every year
I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day.

SharonK said...

Thanks everyone! And Debbie - kind of like when Santa arrives at the mall and the stores are decorated for the holidays the day after Halloween, huh?

Diane said...

Great blog and great patriotism!

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