Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sheriff, there's a dead body over yonder...

Remember when you were little and you'd play dress up? If you were lucky your mom would have saved old bridesmaid dresses, costume jewelry and impossibly high heels for you to parade around in as you put on a show, either solo or with one or two of your good friends. Who would be similarly dressed, of course. Lipstick as red as grandma's smeared across your mouth as you held your pillbox hat on with one hand and held onto the table for balance with the other (those heels still give me trouble!).

A good murder mystery party brings back the same feeling of "Hey kids! Let's put on a show!" with one major difference: we didn't charge Uncle Charlie a quarter to come watch us in the back yard. We also didn't hang mom's good bedspread over the swingset, though I have to admit it made for a mighty fine curtain.

In spite of not having a flowered bedspread curtain showcasing our act, we sure did put on a good show! A lovely woman who runs a local community theatre was kind enough to lend the ladies ball gowns and frippery while the men, well, hmmm, the men. Let me tell you that the men strutted around in their pointy leather cowboy boots that they swear they forgot all about in the back of their closets and gee, when was the last time I wore these, honey? It's been years, why I plum forgot I even had these. Oh suuuuuurrre. And if lying doesn't keep you awake at night, go ahead and tell me another one, pardner.

Here are the highlights of the evening:

The Outlaw Jesse Wales looks innocent all right. Is that him in the Wanted Poster???

Is it me or are big bushy moustaches making a comeback?

Now you listen to me, little lady...

Not to worry, Sheriff Sam is on the case. Or is he asking for a bribe? Hard to tell

Step aside, Sheriff. I'm a Federal Marshal. That's a Federali, a Fed-er-al Em-ploy-yee-ha, the Big Gun. Mucho Marshal at your service.

Keep your hands where I can see 'em!

Every good murder needs a body. He sure looks dead but see what I'm saying about bushy moustaches? Admit it, kinda hot right?


Eternally Distracted said...

Looks like it was a great party ... Very nice pics - Not cure about the moustaches though!

Doreen said...

Everyone had a really great time, you throw quite a party! My favorite part? The hot tub afterwards!

TK said...

Oh ya I remember the high heels and lipstick Mom use to save for dress up day :)....great party everyone!!