Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, the deed is done. We have purchased a hot tub! (by we, I mean Sharon and TK paid for it, but I will definitely reap the benefits). I have to say, we had so much fun along the we brought Ziggy and TK with us for the wet test. Since a picture is worth a thousands words, here is the pictorial of our day. A few note worthy comments. Doesn't Ziggy look adorable? She really wanted the duck for the pool, we told her that she could only have it if she let us take a picture for our blog. She named her Bertha. I'm really digging this photo of us in the hot tub. I'm looking rather boob-a-licious if I do say so myself. Lastly, you'll notice that I am not in the "SOLD" photo. I hated how I looked, so I cropped me out (thank you photo-editor). However, you can see my hand holding the other side of the yeah, you're still getting a little piece of Doreen. Be grateful.

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