Monday, July 20, 2009

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Little Miss J details a romantic evening at home with her husband. And some exercise equipment.

Writes in the City is stuck in a Time Warp that contains, of all things, weiners.

Sally is celebrating an anniversary with her Ray-Bans over at In Search of Spirit. Wonder what the traditional gift is for 22 years?

Ann and May talk about how our tastes changes as we get older. Great reason to not pierce your face until you're in your 50s.

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1 comment:

Little Ms J said...

Dude, thanks for pimping me out. I love it!

Oh, and enjoy the hot tub, ladies!

P.S. Word verification is "Ovehur," which I will now be using in my sentences with a little ghetto swagger, "Girl, get your ass ovehur so I can see you."