Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What am I????

I AM the all powerful.

I can be sexy.

I can be flirty.

I can be colorful.

I can be rigid.

I can be firm.

I can be unyielding.

Sometimes I can be all of the above. All at the same time.

I can pinch.

I can bite.

I can make you so uncomfortable you squirm in your seat.

I can be soft.

And so smooth you almost wouldn't know I was there.

I can be closer to you than anyone has ever been.

Or I can be the furthest thing from your mind.

I can be a strong supporter.

Or I can be a flimsy excuse and an embarassment to my name.

I can be ratty and raggy and drab.

I can be the first thing you think of.

Or the last.

We can be old friends.

Or new acquaintances.

I can lift you up.

Or I can let you down when least expected.

I can make your day.

Or not.

What am I???

Post your answers in the comments section and I'll tell you at the end of the day. (Subscribe to comments to receive an email update).


Doreen said...

I know I know!!! But I don't want to ruin it for everyone else...so I will text it to you. Took me a few minutes...but I got it!!

TK said...

Gee SB you are very creative but this time you were so easy.....and by the way this item holds up the "girls"

Anonymous said...

I'm usually lousy at these things; but being that I have been "intimate" with this for a very long time, this one was easy. I also don't want to ruin it for anyone either, so I will text you as well.

Carolyn said...

Olga, Maidenform, PS... VS, Cross your Heart, Jockey or Fredricks.

spendy said...

since i truly never needed one it was more difficult for me to figure out but since you've
needed one forever, i understand!