Monday, July 27, 2009

What would you do?

I keep hearing this song on the radio by Nickleback called "If Today Was Your Last Day". (yes I listen to top 40's music, don't judge me) Every time I hear it, it makes me think about what I would do if I knew that my time here on earth was up. So I've made a list of things I would do if today was my last day, not in any particular order.

  1. Tell my mother that I love her and I appreciate everything she has done for me.
  2. Make sure my older sister knew that I don't blame her for her behavior, addiction makes even the sanest of people crazy.
  3. Write each of my siblings a letter, reminiscing a fond memory I have for each one. Remind them to be good to each other.
  4. Thank Sharon & TK for being so good to me and always treating me like part of their family.
  5. Go sky-diving
  6. Kiss the guy I have a crush on
  7. Spend as much time as I can with my boy, doing anything he wanted to do.
  8. Tell everyone that is important to me that I love them
  9. Make several videos for my son to be played on momentous occasions
  10. Forgive Bob the wonder cat for ruining all of my furniture
I'm sure there are other things that I can think of, but I'm rushed as I write this because I should actually be working! Now that I look at my list, most of this stuff I can do now...maybe I will.

What would you do if today was your last day?


TK said...

Hmmmmm....what would I do?

SharonK said...

That's tough, one day? And not fair either, I would need much more time. But here's my quick list anyway:

Tell my children and husband I love them and why. In writing and in person.
Thank Doreen for being my friend and remind her how special she really is.
Video tape the entire day for my kids and future grandkids.
Confirm my will is in order.
Call and make all my arrangements with the funeral home, so TK doesn't have to. (yeah, that's me, trying to coordinate my own wake)
Call or write to everyone that has touched my life.
Eat a lot of things that are bad for me but taste good.
Then I'd ask God if he's really sure he wants me right now, or can he wait a little longer.

Amy Sue Nathan said...

With one day - I'd get my kids ready - tell them everything I could think of. They didn't get a chance to say goodbye to their dad, so I'd leave lots of time and space for goodbye. And I'd write a few letters to people I couldn't see.