Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Ms. Denali Diva;

I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the memorable encounter we shared today. When you almost smashed into me, and made me spill my coffee all over my lap, it was awesome.

No really, it was all my fault. After all, that stop sign was not meant for YOU.
I know how busy and important you are in your GMC Denali, you're quite the road warrior aren't you? I mean, clearly you were too busy to stop. I'm sure you thought the sign was just a suggestion right? I must say it was impressive how you never even slowed down as you were applying lipstick and talking on your cell phone. You go girl!

It was so kind of you to wave at me with your middle finger, but the person who beeped the horn was not me. It was the person behind me who just avoided hitting my car. I myself was preoccupied, as I had hot coffee burning through my skin or I would have gladly waved back at you. I'm only mentioning this because I'd hate for you to think I was rude.

I know you were probably VERY concerned, so I just wanted to reassure you that I only suffered minor burns to my thigh. My neck is a little stiff, what with the short stop and all that I had to make to avoid a collision. Seriously, don't even give it another thought. I'm sure that I'll be fine after months of physical therapy.

So thanks again, and I hope you have a superific day!



SharonK said...

Oh that's you, always sharing the love! How kind you are dedicating your blog day to Denali Diva, you are super-sweet!!!

I'm sure if you hang around that Dunkins tomorrow morning around the same time, you might just "bump" into her again!

TK said...

That must be the same girl that Ziggy and I encountered last night on 93. The one who swung around me in the emergency lane just to pull in front of us and almost ram the car that was originally in front of me. It must be the same because when I pulled up next to her and gave a look she told me I was number one!!

Jill Kemerer said...

I'm laughing pretty hard! I live in the country now, so I miss most encounters with Miss Denali, but boy, I used to meet her every day! Thanks for the smiles!

PamFP said...

Hey now Dor, not all Denali Diva's are that bad. After all your favorite sister is the sexiest Denali Diva out there!!