Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary!!! Or something...

Anniversary. Now there's a scary word, huh? For some people of the male persuasion it's a word that can bring about a case of the shakes as terror fills their eyes. "Ummm, anniversary? Yup, I have one. When? Oh, yeah, it's uh, right around the time the golf course opens for the season. Thanks for the reminder, I should get a card or something." Guys don't forget, your wife had that date inscribed on the inside of your wedding band for a reason. Hellll-lllloooo!

Ok, so you check your ring and what do you know? It's next week. Now what? Dinner out? Dinner in? Gift or no gift? Little gift or big gift. Here's a little hint - when in doubt, go large. And make it sparkle baby.

One of the most important relationships in your life is commemorated and celebrated on that special day, year after year, decade after decade. As it should be!

But what about the other important relationship in your life? The one you share with that special someone, the one you call the morning after a romantic evening with your husband, or the one you text when that same husband is driving you crazy. The one who stays over to help clean up after a party, watches your kids and rearranges your furniture, follows you across state lines as you search out the perfect pair of earrings, or shoes, or dining room chair, or hot tub.

How many of us celebrate our Friendiversary with the same joy that we show when celebrating our Anniversary?

To be honest, Doreen and I have known each other for 8, maybe 9 years but neither one us can remember exactly which it is. I know who I was dating at the time, and what I was going through. I remember where she was in her life and the challenges she was facing at the time. And these circumstances were what brought us together. That, and our ability to joke about it in a way that no one else seemed to understand.

Last night the subject of anniversaries and special occasions came up as a group of women sat on my back porch talking about all things important, as we tend to do when we're together. We talked about favorite restaurants, taxes, Jeff Dunham and children, and suddenly Doreen and I realized we never have celebrated our Friendiversary. In fact, we weren't even sure when it was / is.
But we know now. It may not be the official date we met, or even the first time we crossed the line from acquaintances to friends, or from friends to soulstas but no matter. We celebrate so many other things in our lives, how could we not celebrate the friendship that has carried us through breakups and heart break, through finding a new love and marrying a soulmate? Well, we decided, it's time to right the wrong.

And while we find ways to celebrate our friendship in little ways throughout the year with thoughtful cards, funny gifts and even random poetry, having an official Friendiversary gives us one more reason to celebrate. And maybe throw a party.

And us being us, we didn't just pick a date, we chose a day. You know how Thanksgiving is the 3rd Thursday? And many of our national holidays aren't a particular date but fall on the 1st Monday of the month or whatever? Well, as ours is no ordinary friendship, so our Friendiversary is no ordinary date. Our Friendiversary (yeah, credit me wherever you use that word in the future) will be celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of September. Subject to modification, of course. We have a song. And yes, we will probably dance to it. It's the theme to the Muppet Show. Think about that song. Seriously, think about it. Stuck in your head now? Good.

Now call your local Hallmark store, insist they carry Friendiversary cards, an occasion almost, if not more, important than an Anniversary. And if you're thinking of getting us a little special something to commemorate our day, like salt and pepper shakers maybe, well, that would be so very thoughtful.

Friendiversary. Yeah, I like that word.


Doreen said...

I knew you'd blog about this!! It all makes perfect sense to me to celebrate our Friendiversary®, I think it will catch on for sure. Third Saturday in September (19th) save the date, we are going to p-a-r-t-a-y!

TK said...

I couldn't help but smile even while I was holding my fingers in the shape of an "L". But then again I'm going to Florida with my BF for our anniversary. Ya we became friends in the sandbox

Jill Kemerer said...

Friendiversary? Love it!