Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In honor of the 23rd Anniversary of the arrival of Lord Moose of Beck House, we celebrated in proper style - a keg party.

That's right, Moose turned 23 last week and for the first time since he was maybe 14, we had a party. There were rules, of course (I wouldn't be me without rules!).

NO smoking anything that is illegal

NO underage drinking

NO drinking and driving

And thankfully, they were a good group of kids and none of the mom-enforced rules were broken. I did, however, forget the "NO throwing logs through other people's back windows" rule. Not sure how I missed that one.

I have to say, the kids were a decent group of kids, everyone made it a point to introduce themselves, thanked us for having them and were polite to us in general. Over the course of the evening maybe 50 or 60 kids wandered in. Based on the headcount the next morning, about 16 of them found a couch, empty bed or some floor space to curl up on. Two of Moose's good friends flew in for the occasion, Kansas and Vegas - guess where they're from - and were two of the nicest boys we've ever had staying with us. Even offered to help with dinner every night!

Yeah, yeah, I'm getting back to that log thing. So here's what happened:

A friend of Moose's, let's call her Sweetie, came with her boyfriend. As they pull up in the car another female friend, Chickie, parks behind her with her boyfriend and an unknown friend of his. Let's call him Logger. Sweetie, Chickie and respective boyfriends all know each other. Only Chickie's boyfriend's friend, Logger, doesn't know anyone else at the party.

Got it so far?

So the kids are having a good time, hanging out, music playing, bbq is going, people getting thrown in the pool. Usual stuff. Logger seems to have an eye for Sweetie, despite the fact that she arrived with a mountain of a boyfriend who is easily twice the size of Logger.

Jealousy or who knows what inspires Logger to get a little nasty with Sweetie. Talking trash. Making inappropriate comments. Sweetie, sweet girl that she is, knows if boyfriend finds out there's a-gonna be some trouble. So she ignores him. Right up until she doesn't.

It goes sort of like this - they're playing a game called Beirut (don't ask, I don't know but it involves cups of beer). Sweetie tries to be funny and lighten Logger up a bit and makes a comment to the effect of "That's how we do it in America!" or some such thing. The game is called Beirut, right? Logger is from an undetermined country but not Lebanon. Or any Middle Eastern country for that matter. The kids thought he was from Puerto Rico and the last time I checked, it was still part of the United States. However he takes offence just the same. And says so, in a not so nice way.

Sweetie realizes she crossed a line and apologizes immediately. Moose is on hand, I step in as well and am told it's all ok, apology accepted. We're all good, happy party people now. Bygones.

Except moments later, Chickie, boyfriend and Logger leave the party. Chickie's ticked off, because Logger is pouting or whatever and is ruining her fun with friends. But she leaves anyway. On his way down my driveway, Logger decides to pick up a log from the pile TK has been cutting. A big fat log several feet long. And before getting in his car, he throws it through the back window of Sweetie's boyfriend's car that was parked ahead of him. Or to be entirely accurate, Sweetie's boyfriend's mother's car. Yeah.


Moose just happened to be nearby and saw it happen. Police were called. Reports were made. Party resumed.

But can you imagine going to a party, where the friends you are going with are well known to everyone there, and pulling something like that? Did he not think he'd get caught? Or that his friends wouldn't get in trouble, too?

Did I mention the kid was a jerk?

If I hadn't been at this party and heard someone else tell the story then I might have made some comment about how kids are out of control, no respect, who raised them, blah blah blah. But it was one kid. And all the other kids were awesome, really. Every last one of them pitched in to clean up the next morning. Offered to run to Dunkins. One kid asked for my slow cooker recipe for kielbasa. They brought food, and cake and birthday cards.

When one boy stubbed his toe something awful a young nurse sat with him for several hours, keeping him company and holding his foot to stop the bleeding (yes, I sat with him too). When he told her he didn't want to go to the emergency room because he didn't have insurance, she said don't worry, we'll all chip in and cover it for you.

These are the kids you moms and dads raised. Be proud of what you've done and what they have become. I know I am.

(Oh, this doesn't apply to Logger's parents. Seriously, Logger's dad - take your son out back and teach him some manners the good old fashioned way.)

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TK said...

I have to admit I was the nervous parent but they were amazingly well behaved and respectful but....the next party Moose has will be at his own house. :)