Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Magazine Addict? / Jill Kemerer guest blogs!!

Guest Blogger Alert!!! Jill Kemerer takes a break from dishes, life and writing romance (and hopefully living it too!) to share a little secret with us, her bloggy friends.

I really didn't want to do dishes, so I figured it was the perfect time to write the guest post.

I'm a junkie. I'll admit it. The rows and columns of magazines at the grocery store check-out send shivers of anticipation up my spine. My pulse races when Star's "Best and Worst Beach Bodies" comes out. My chest tightens when I catch a glimpse of the latest InStyle. And don't get me started on the covers of Gourmet, Family Circle, Money, Good Housekeeping, In Touch, Architectural Digest...

Do I subscribe? Uh-huh. Only to a few. Like one or two. Maybe four. Six tops.

How many magazines do I subscribe to??

My heart is thumping in a bad way, now. I can count seven magazines off the top of my head and that doesn't even include all of the issues I check out of the library each week.

I have a problem.

But those headlines just grab me! I mean who doesn't want to "Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days" or find the secrets on "How to Save Hundreds Off Your Bills"? Me! Me! My hand's in the air!

And what about the gorgeous homes, delectable food, pretty people, super fashions, funky crafts, and Hollywood gossip? All can be found in the glossy pages of a magazine.

Must. Buy. Magazines.

What about you? Do you have a magazine addiction? If not, what's your favorite guilty pleasure?

Thank you very much, Sharon and Doreen, for inviting me to blog here today!

Jill spends her days writing contemporary romance novels and dreaming of the beach. When not hanging out with her family and eating chocolate, she's spoiling her gigantic Himalayan cat.


Jill Kemerer said...

Thanks Sharon and Doreen for allowing me to guest post on your fun blog! I really enjoyed it!

Erica Vetsch said...

Hmm...I only subscribe to one magazine...Writer's boring am I?

I would totally get Sports Illustrated if it wasn't for the Swimsuit Issue. :(

Lazy Writer said...

I used to be a magazine junkie, but I've let all of my subscriptions expire, except for Writer's Digest. My cabinets were getting too full! Now I only buy an occassional magazine at the grocery store.

Jill Kemerer said...

Erica: Ha! Ha! I bought the Fantasy Football edition of Sports Illustrated (for my husband, cough, cough) and I agree, the swimsuit edition has to go!

LazyWriter: Did you enter a 12-Step program for this? I'm sobbing inside. "Let all my subscriptions expire.." No!! Well, if you can do it, there's hope for me yet.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I have a far worse problem! I cannot, I mean cannot in any way shape or form throw a magazine away! I horde Magazines. Perhaps someday I will want to decorate my kitchen this way or try that recipe, so I absolutely cannot put this in the trash.

I have been working on my problem and therefore I no longer subscribe to any magazines and I only allow myself to buy one once in a while.

Jill Kemerer said...

Anonymous: You're a brave soul. Hey, I had the same problem of what to do with them when I was finished. I clip articles and put them in binders then recycle the magazine. Sometimes I save the fun mags for my niece!

Thanks for stopping by!

SharonK said...

Thanks for bringing this to light Jill... I am a magazine horder AND subscriber. But it's not my fault.

You see, those magazine people are enablers. They give me 2 mos for free, just to try it out. And who can pass that up, right? Then somehow the 2 months go by, then I have a subscription and then wham! Before I know it I'm getting a "it's time to renew" notice.

I have 4 different areas for magazines - the "housey" type go in a nice basket in the family room. I rarely read these unless I'm looking for something - a recipe, a cute way to use up the 59 yards of ribbon I have laying around. The "foodie" ones go in a basket in the study - more serious recipes, wine guides, where to eat (like I don't know). The "literary" ones go next to my bed, so I can pass judgement on everyone else that's been published before I fall asleep and the "money" ones go in a basket closer to my husband's side of the bed, so he can read them and then fill me in on where our money should be. If we had some.

Just out of curiosity - is 14 years too long to hang onto a magazine??? How long do you keep yours around before purging?