Thursday, August 20, 2009

My bad

As some of you may remember I posted a blog entitled Gym Membership. It was a series of emails from David Throne to a manager of a gym. I cut and pasted the text from an email forward that I got because well, it was funny and I wanted to share it with everyone. Plus, I admit...I kinda wish I had this dude's sense of humor.

Recently the originator David Thorne (don't ask me how) found our little blog and made a comment. He was a little peeved that I cut and pasted his stuff and didn't attach a link to his work. I don't blame him one bit. In my defense, I didn't know the dude had a blog/web page of his own. I just thought it was this funny email that I got. I have a full time job and a life, so to be honest I didn't do research as to who the originator was nor did I get permission to use his stuff. Turns out, he's even got his own merchandise, cups and t-shirts with the name of his website. Again, my bad.

I wrote David and apologized because I really didn't mean to make such a major cyber fopar. He was totally cool, laughed it off, said he was just messing with me (which I'm sure he was) and in his subject line he even put "Reality Coloured in Chocolate Frogs" Which cracked me up. "Coloured" love those Brits. Anyhoo (yup that word is for you Sharon) I am going to do what I should have done the first time and include his link.

Warning!!! While I find this guy hilarious,
others may find some of his work distasteful or vulgar. So proceed at your own risk. If you don't like his stuff, hit the little "X" at the top of your screen and move on. Please don't send me messages saying how you disapprove, nobody likes a hater.

David Thorne: Party in apartment 3


Debbie said...

I bet that threw you for a loop when he found you! He probably has a google alert set for his name. I think that is how most people find out if they are being discussed on blogs.

Doreen said...

Good point. I felt compelled to right my wrong, plus would you want that dude mad at you? :)

SharonK said...

Hey David aka Doreen (kidding), First, David is an incredibly funny guy, and as we all know to copy someone's work is the highest form of flattery so clearly we adore you!

Second, how cool is that, we talked about some abstract guy that we didn't even think really existed and sure enough, he's real AND he found us! David, you can be an honorary inner circle just for that!

And of course Doreen, you rock for doing the right thing and posting his link. I'd set a google alert for my name but it would only add to the depressing reality that I am in fact a nobody... sigh.