Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today marks the 23rd Anniversary

This day in history, August 5th, the 217th day of the year is noteworthy for many reasons. For example:

1779 - The real battle for the Bronx began, New York Loyalists fought the Connecticut Brigade for the land. FYI, no, they were not the predecessors of the Yankees and Mets.

1861 - Lincoln imposes the first ever federal tax to fund the Civil War. Annual income over $800 was taxed at a rate of 3%. How times have changed!

1914 - The first traffic light was installed, giving women everywhere a moment to safely reapply their lipstick.

1981 - in answer to the 13,000 air-traffic controllers who first went on strike and then ignored the Presidential order to return to work, Ronald Regan fired 11,359 of them. Way to go, Ronnie! (Seriously, read about this. As an employer I found it fascinating.)

1986 - Moose, first child born to SharonK, arrived 12 days ahead of schedule. A more beautiful baby had never been seen, and if you weren't there to oooh and ahhh over him, trust me on this one.

Ok sure, all those things have changed the world, right? But hey, in the 1700s they were always battling over something over other. Tea, land, rights, blah, blah, blah.

While I didn't know Lincoln was the instigator of the whole tax thing, can't say I blame him. It was inevitable, right?

If we didn't have traffic lights we could put thousands of unemployed people to work, holding up Stop signs at every intersection. So I don't really see how this helped us any. Obama, listen up, I have found the solution for the unemployment problem! Ban traffic lights!!! You're welcome.

And while I applaud Reagan's decision, the unions are still around and still going out on strike all the time for one reason or another. Lesson learned? Maybe not.

So really, not any one of those events can even hold a candle - not even a birthday candle - to the arrival of Moose. After all, we've had hundreds of battles, billions paid in taxes, 44 Presidents and thousands of traffic lights. But there's only one Moose.

Happy Birthday, Moose! I love you!!!


Doreen said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Moose!

PS This is a great photo of you. You know why.

Lara Davie said...

Aww - we both have August baby boys!!! Mine is turning 21 on the happy happy birthday to your son!!!