Friday, August 14, 2009

Unexpected Family / J. E. Taylor guest blogs!!!

Guest blogger Alert!!! Backspace friend, paranormal suspense writer and all around great person J. E. Taylor joins us today and gives us a glimpse into her not-so-paranormal life.

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Initially, I was going to write about how chocolate seems to sabotage any and all diets but considering tonight’s the last night we’ll be spending with the girls that have been living with us for the summer, I’m feeling a tad melancholy.

When we signed up to have two girls from the Midwest come stay with us while they sold Volume Libraries door to door, I don’t think we realized how attached we’d become or that we’d end up considering them an extension of our own family.

We worried when they were late, we ragged on them about their dorm room style – which, thankfully was only limited to the bedroom they stayed in, laughed at YouTube videos, watched movies with them, celebrated a 21st birthday, celebrated my 44th and almost torched the cake (they put 44 candles in it) and generally goofed around for an hour or so at night before they packed it in.

These girls worked hard – up and out of the house at 6:30 and we didn’t see them until after 9 at night. One of the girls flourished in the job and didn’t seem phased by rejections.
The other one struggled, rejection seemed to do her in and then she got the flu while we were on our first summer vacation and after that, she wasn’t the same. I think being so far away from home and sick to boot kind of dampened her spirit and drive and it just snowballed from there. The upside of this is we as a family got to know her very well and I felt for her. I’d see her get up in the morning with the best of intentions and she’d roll back home earlier and earlier – sometimes it was a migraine (I think the weather played hell with her allergies) and sometimes it was just plain desperation to talk with someone who made her laugh, someone she didn’t have to be in sales mode for and someone who wouldn’t reject her. She even accompanied us to a family event at my sister’s house for a much needed day of relaxation by the pool.

The second girl – the one who flourished in the job - is much more laid back and I only saw her really bummed by the job once. More often than not, she’d come in with some very funny stories about her day, the funniest of which was being hit on at a police station while she applied for a permit (and it wasn’t by one of the officers). Other hilarious situations include catching someone at home watching porn, taking a dive off a porch (but thankfully no real damage), fake southern accents, “can I have your number?” video, snow – inside joke – and the increasing hostile reaction to the phrase “All Set”. Unfortunately, her birthday is in December, so we didn’t get to celebrate it in the same fashion as the 21 year old, but we did get her and “early” birthday card just to make things even – like we do with our own kids. J

Now the selling season is coming to an end and the girls are getting ready to deliver their books while we’re heading off on vacation. I can’t help but be a little sad. I don’t know when I’ll see them again except via facebook and online communication and that’s bitter sweet, which is totally unexpected, and has me thinking about how much of a mess I will be when mine finally fly the coop.

But hey, at least there still is chocolate, right?
J.E. Taylor is a paranormal suspense writer and an Associate Editor with Allegory Ezine - an online venue for Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. Check out the September issue for her latest short under the staff submissions at!

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