Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Celebrating Friends

Saturday was the official date that Sharon and I celebrated our Friendiversary. For a couple of weeks we had been going back and forth on what we should do to celebrate the awesomeness that is our friendship. We thought about going out to dinner, or maybe going to a movie...but it just didn't feel like those ideas were enough, we do that stuff all the time. One thing we both really wanted to do was to see Water Fire in Providence, RI. It just so happened that the fires were scheduled to be lit on our special day - so to us it was a sign. We must go.

We decided that it looked like kind of a "romantic-ish" thing to do, and maybe we should invite TK too. After all, I'm used to our little threesome so I was totally cool with it being just the three of us. Then we decided to invite a couple of other friends and make it a real party! So we invited MacGyver and Blue Eyes (this guy has the nicest blue eyes I've ever seen) See, Sharon and I are givers - we don't mind sharing our day with our inner circle. That's just how we roll.

Sharon told me that she
and TK would drive and they would pick me up around 6:30. I told her to text me when she was close. When the text came in "be there in a sec", I went outside to wait for them. I was outside for about 3 minutes before I saw a limousine pull up. I'm thinking, NOOOOO she didn't! Then the limo stopped in front of me and out pops Sharon shouting "SURPRISE!!!" How cool is she? Seriously?

In the Limo, we had champagne (compliments of Blue Eyes), strawberries, crackers and cheese. We exchanged gifts (chicks never forget anniversary OR friendiversary gifts). I hand her what every girl loves to see... that little blue box that says Tiffany & Company. But I warned her, the box is the only thing from Tiffany's... sorry sister. I didn't like the box her gift came in, so I used an old box that I had. So..
. what did I get her? I know you're all dying to know. I have to admit, it was the perfect gift for my BFF the writer. I got her a necklace that had her initials - SB, but the initials were actually antique typewriter keys. She gave me a digital picture frame that had preloaded photos of the two of us. She rocks.

We had dinner reservations and when we arrived at the restaurant Sharon had another surprise for us. Friends from CT drove in to hang with us. That girl is just full of surprises!

Water Fire was amazing, I've never seen anything like it. Fire bowls were lit up and down the canal while music was piped in through speakers. The music was kind of Erie but soothing. The wood burning smelled like a campfire, coupled with the music, it created the perfect ambiance. It was actually a very romantic spot...couples were sitting on the banks of the canal with blankets and wine. Gondolas (complete with the dude in the stripped shirt) paddled up and down the canal as their occupants sipped champagne. People were every where, just enjoying the view. Normally I hate crowds, but it was amazing how mellow everyone was.

We were looking for a place to have a drink, and we pretty much crashed a wedding (by accident). We left when we realized it was a reception, I suggested we just pull up a table and have a drink...but the rest of the group just wasn't feeling it. Hey, it's their own fault for having an outdoor reception in the midst of a VERY crowded tourist spot. They have only themselves to blame. Really. When we finally settled on a spot, Sharon mentioned that it would be very cool if they could have their own Water Fire in their pool for her fall annual dinner. She of course was looking at MacGyver when she said this. He never ever backs down from a challenge (of course she knows this, she is quite cunning). We have all the confidence in the world that MacGyver will make it happen.

As we walked down the canal we noticed two old women who brought lounge chairs and were enjoying the view with snacks and wine. I thought, yeah that will be us in another 20 years. Perhaps they were celebrating their Friendiversary too.

It was the first official celebration of our friendship and it was as it should be. Unforgettable.


Linda Aparo said...

Thank you for including us in your "Friendversary". Paul and I had a great time with all of you! So happy you guys met 9 years ago!!!!

TK said...

Ladies thank you for including me as well. I was a little skeptical of crashing your night but it was fun. Oh and Doreen don't think for a second this means you get to crash our anniversary!!

Doreen said...

Oh, I see how it is TK! I wouldn't dream of crashing your anniversary celebration, but I am planning a nice little surprise for the two of you. Stay tuned...

Doreen said...

It was so great seeing you again Linda! I hope you can make it to the fall dinner party.

SharonK said...

I have to say that no matter how many more Friendiversaries we celebrate, and there will be many many more, this one was the best!

Same place next year only we are getting rooms and massages and going dancing and and and all kinds of stuff!

You outdid yourself with the necklace, I can't imagine a more pefect gift... oh wait, yes I can. Your friendship is one of the best gifts I could ever receive and I hope one I never take for granted.

I love you my friend!

Amy Sue Nathan said...

It sounds fabulous to me -- and do you know I'd never seen a photo of you Sharon? (nor one of Doreen, but I have Sharon on-the-brain much, lol)

How lucky you are. My BFFs live across the country from me.