Thursday, September 10, 2009

Contest!!! Contest!!! Contest!!!!

Today's posting is a contest for all you creative types out there...

C'mon my writer friends and you wannabes, it's your time to shine!

Write a brief story about the picture below in the comments section.

The best story wins a Starbucks gift card.

Or better yet, a Dunkin' Donuts gift card.

I'll leave the contest open until Sunday night.

On Monday I'll tell the real story behind the drawing and announce the winner.

And by the way, if you know the real story and retell it you won't win.

We call that plagiarizing!


TK said...

LMAO...OMG I almost fell off my chair when I got to the picture

Doreen said...

OMG!!! Too funny!! I'm dying... best idea ever. I'm sitting in my office cracking up.

Sara J. Henry said...

Some kid is designing a logo for something?

Anonymous said...

I dunno Sharon, I was just soooo impurrressed with your artwork that I was left speechless. :)

how's that for a story?

Doreen said...

This is the story of a new kind of super hero. She didn't defeat criminals with brawn, she didn't have an invisible jet, she couldn't fly, she wasn't faster than a speeding bullet, she didn't even have a magic truth telling lasso. No my friends, this super hero fought crime with her ability to her witty humor, her intense intellect, and her fierce power of persuasion. What was such a powerful super hero called? Super-Brain of course.

Super-Brain needed an insignia. So she called upon her super hero friends from near and asked for their help. Their task was to present to her their idea for an insignia that she can call her own.

The Justice League gathered to aid their fellow super hero. They compiled their ideas to present to Super-Brain.

Superman (who is kind of a narcissist) suggested that she use an insignia similar to his. Plus, he had a thing for Super-Brain and figured their matching insignia's would be the first step to one day having matching bath towels.

Wonder Woman thought that stars were the way to go.

Flash believed that the lightening bolt would strike fear into the hearts of criminals every where.

Batman, who was currently dating a Chinese woman thought that Chinese Symbols would be cool, plus he knew it would score some points with his woman.

Aqua Man who didn't have much time since he couldn't be out of water for very long just scribbled the initials SB. The Green Lantern, always the jokester put little hearts next to the initials (he knew that Aqua Man used to date Super Brain and loved stirring up trouble)

Green Arrow knew that Super Brain liked butterflies so he created a butterfly insignia for her. He was confident she would choose his.

The Fantastic Four finally agreed on a Rainbow insignia. They had recently seen the Wizard of Oz, one of the four was heard humming "some where over the rainbow".

Hawkman always thought of Super Brain as a delicate flower, he was secretly in love with her but knew that since she had an aversion to facial hair, she would never be attracted to him... he was after all covered in feathers.

TK said...

I believe that it is the doodlings of a very VERY sick person(s) who pray on the weakness of others.

Anonymous said...

There once was a girl named sharon B------ and
she was busy drawing artwork instead of doing
homework. Present day a woman named sharon K------came across some papers from days gone by.
the end