Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dear Shaun Cassidy

Dear Shaun Cassidy,

You know I loved you, right? When you sang "Da Doo Ron Ron" I could just about faint with love for you. It was as if you were predicting the future. Our future. "I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still... Da doo ron ron ron da doo ron ron".

I always looked my prettiest on Mondays. Just for you.

At first I have to admit, I wasn't entirely pleased about that Jill chick in the song but I figured it out. First, nothing really rhymes with Sharon. I get that. Plus you didn't want anyone to know about us. About me and you. Shaun and Sharon. 2-Getha 4-Eva. Clever boy, you were protecting my identity. You always were so thoughtful. I loved you for that, too.

Even though I was nine and you were twenty-one, I just knew someday we'd be together. We had love on our side. You'd wait for me. I could feel it whenever you looked into my eyes, your crooked smile lighting up your entire face. The way your nose crinkled up just the teensiest bit. You were always smiling at me, weren't you Shaun?

And yes, maybe we never actually met and you were just a life size poster that I talked to day after day, but... But you listened. You were always a good listener. As I told you about the evil teacher who forced me write in cursive and the boy who made fun of me when I tried to join Boy Scouts, you were there for me. You knew it looked way more fun than Girl Scouts. You understood me. I mean who would want to sew a scarf when you can race soapbox cars? Ah, we shared so much, you and I.

I wrote you a song, did you know that? "He picked me up at eight, I put on my roller skates 'cause we're going to a roller-rock party!" I wrote it about you. And roller skating. It was about our future. Together.

I even practiced signing my name for you. In cursive.

And we'd have twin daughters that looked just like you. We'd all wear matching outfits and I'd embroider a big "S" on everyone's pockets even though I hated sewing. Yup, Shaun, Sharon, Shannah and Shauna Cassidy. Had a nice ring to it, didn't it?

Yes, I do believe in magic, Shaun. Well, I did anyway, back then.

But as a good friend pointed out to me yesterday, I'm going to be forty soon. Forty, Shaun. Seriously, I'm getting just a little tired of waiting for you.

Plus I've moved on. I'm married now. Happily, too. And know what? My husband rocks. How do you like them apples, Shaun?

I may be almost forty but guess what - you're fifty-two. So there.

And if you called me right now, I wouldn't even talk to you. Well, not for long. No more than a half hour. An hour, tops.

But don't even think I'd be your friend now after all this time, because we both know there's no going back. Unless you friended me on Facebook. I'd probably do that, just so you can see what you're missing.

nd since pictures don't do me justice I may have to invite you to a party or two but only so you can see what you can't have. Because I am taken now.

You snooze you lose, buddy.

So two parties at the most. But that's it, Shaun, since we both know you'd never be "inner circle". Unless Doreen says you can be. Which she probably won't.

o um, anyway Shaun, I just wanted to let you know I am over you. Way, way, way ohhh-vvver you. Yup. I am. Seriously. For the most part.

our biggest fan previous soulmate,


PS - call me?


Anonymous said...

OMG you are hysterical!!! I could so relate. BTW if you want to catch your honey there are reruns on everyday...In case you need a fix. LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you could POSSIBLY even think he'd be yours since He was already MINE. I'm older, I saw 'im first.
ps we've been together foreverrrrr and he sings me to sleep nightly. Yup.

TK said...

At least you can still hope...mine recently passed away. My parents always wondered why i hung Farrah on the back of my bedroom door. It was so we could be alone of course!!

Anonymous said...

i hope you remember who carried that life size
poster from the record store in the mall to home. he was my crush!!!!!!!

Sarafree said...

Happy SITS sharefest! That was a fun read, and reminds me of all my celebrity crushes. I got over them when they didn't reciprocate my love!

Cara and Jenn said...

I too had his poster in my room and that album with his huge face on it. Now that I look at him though through 41 yer old eyes...he ain't all that!! lol We are two friends who blog together too! Follow us and we'll follow you! I am glad though that you moved on I am sure you are in a much better place!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Ooooh thanks for the laugh! I called 411 to get his number and the operator laughed at me.

Beth Ann said...

OMG !!! I had 150 pictures & posters on my bedroom walls.
When I was a Jr & Sr. in 78 - 79 he was all I though about, really made my boyfriend happy.....
Today Shaun will be on Oprah - I should be on that show, but I never took the time to tell Oprah that I was in Love with him, so she doesn't know. If I ever would have had a baby girl she would have been named Cassidy Jo......Thanks so much for the fun memories !!

Holly said...

LOL...OMG this was too funny. I had every inch of my walls covered with Shaun on one side and Andy Gibb on the other. A funny little reminder of yesteryear...

Melissa said...

I had a brown pant set with his picture on the shirt. I also a Shaun Cassidy guitar. I dressed up in my Sunday best and even put my hair up in a bun. My mother took my picture and I sent it in with my letter to him. I believe I was 8. Oh what a crush I had on him.

Renee' said...

Okay, Sharon, YOU are an excellent writer and HYSTERICAL!! I literally laughed out loud reading your "Dear Shaun" letter. I could totally relate. It's now 2010 and I'm 42, but Shaun will always be my first love. Had you seen my room when I was a teen, you would have seen every inch of it covered in Shaun Cassidy posters as well as any cutouts I could find of him from my Tiger Beat magazines. Remember those? Hahaha! Yes, kiddies, this was how we 40-somethingers had to get our heartthrob fix back in the day... we bought printed magazines at the store because the internet hadn't been invented yet. See how dedicated we were to you, Shaun? :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Shaun I love him so much still today hecan do anything pepole ask himto do. And sing he makes me mel.

Anonymous said...

Shaun can do anythin. I saw on my computer.Shawn and his family his wife and his 3 kids andpics of his others.

Anonymous said...

Was showing my 15 yr old daughter who David and Shaun Cassidy are when their songs came up on Pandora. LOL Loved your letter. I too had tigerbeat (which I had to sneak in and then hide). It was well worth missing a school lunch to purchase to get those rare posters in the middle! Thanks for sharing those memories with us all. Good Times!!