Monday, September 28, 2009

I so am a VIP

Dear Marriott,

Nice try. I thought you had forgotten about me. And to be honest I had totally given up on you. On us.

After years of being together I wanted nothing more than to be a Gold level VIP. With you. I wanted to be your special somebody.

But I can see how it really was between us now. The truth is this - to you I was just another guest.

You weren't as invested in "us" as I was. No upgrades to rooms. No upgrades in status. Not even a free bottle of water. Once a nobody, always a nobody, huh?

So now you're back. From outer space. I just walked in to find you here with that look upon your face...

And now you offer me Gold. Now. After I refused to see you for the past eight months now I'm a Gold VIP.

Well Marriott here's the thing... It's kinda too late.


No, no, no, a thousand times no. I am not going away with you. I can't stay with you anymore. It wouldn't be right.

You see... I'm a Hilton girl now.

Sure, we spent a lot of time together last year. A la-ha-ot of time. Like 50 nights if I recall. But listen, when we talked and you made those promises I thought you meant them. I really thought you were sincere. Remember when you said hey baby, stay with me and I'll really take you places? Just 50 nights and you'll be a Gold VIP bay-bee. Remember that Marriott? Yeah, me too.

How could I have predicted that you would put "conditions" on our relationship? I read and re-read your letters and emails, all those tempting promises you made to me. What the heck are qualifying nights anyway? And where did you mention that our time together had to be "qualifying"? Nowhere, that's where.

How could you break your promises? Not to mention my heart. We had such a good time in St. Thomas. Wasn't that fun??? You were so cosmopolitan at the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco. And then so laid back and chill in Ft Lauderdale. Both times! And in Boston, ah remember Boston? So many places together, so many memories... The truth is even when we were just along the highway in some not-so-memorable town in NJ we were good together. So good.

Was I wrong to think we were going to be together forever? Yes, yes I was.

Because when we spent our last night together in December you said you needed me. You said one more night, just one more night and I'd be a VIP. So when you wouldn't upgrade my status I was, well - I was shocked. Yeah, shock came first. And then hurt.

was so hurt. And then angry. Because I did my part. It wasn't just about the money either but seriously, I dropped some serious coin on you.

So now that I'm in the acceptance stage here you come again. After I hear nothing from you in months. Since oh, 2008 actually, but who's counting?

Is it just that you can't stand to see me happy? I mean your timing is sorta off. Sorta crazy out of left field off.
Then again, how predictable of you. Now that I am involved with a new hotel oh, look who wants me back. Guess you don't really know what you got until it's gone, huh Marriott?

After all this time you finally offer me what I've been longing for and what? You think I'm just going to walk away from the past eight months Hilton and I have spent together? I'm supposed to pretend there's not something special growing between us?

Because you know what? Hilton's promised me Gold. And in six more stays I'm getting it. Hilton's ready to take our relationship to the next level. And I can't wait.

Hilton gets me. And Hilton is taking me places that you could only dream about.

All I have to say is this - You had your chance Marriott, you had your chance.

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TK said...

You realize that in the end all they are trying to do is get you into bed