Thursday, September 17, 2009

If I were only 17 again

Last night we had a girls night. Me, Sharon and Ziggy. We had been planning it for a couple of weeks, I made Ziggy promise she would put her computer away, set down the cell phone and spend a text free, IM free night with me and her mom. I told her that we were going to watch a Jane Austin classic and surprisingly she agreed.

Note: A few weeks ago Sharon and I watched Pride & Prejudiced while Ziggy sat in the corner on her computer (but I think secretly she was watching). At the end, when Mr. Darcy *sigh* declared his love for Elizabeth, Sharon and I cried...and I could have sworn I heard sniffles from the corner of the room...I'm just sayin'.

The truth is, we got the movie "17 Again" for Ziggy. When it started, she heaved a sigh of relief. No British flick where people say things like "Would you care to take a turn about the room?". I had never seen the movie, Sharon and Zig saw it at the movie theater. All I can say is this. I know it's wrong, I know I'm old enough to be his mother....but that Zac Efron ... holy hottness!

First of all, that boy can dance. Second, those abs!! Sharon pointed this out to me in hopes to help me not feel so wrong about having a crush on him - the reason we are so attracted to him in this movie is because he is in fact acting like an adult would. I wish I could buy that, but the truth is - I just think he's hot. Super-hot. But he's 21 years younger than I am - and other than the physical attraction, what would we really have Zac? Sure that's fine for a while, but I need more than that. So I'm sorry Zac, it would never work between us.

Now, being who I am - and never missing an opportunity to tease Ziggy I couldn't help myself.

Me: "Ohhhhh he is so cuuuuuuuuuuuute, I love him!!"

Ziggy: "Ewwwwwwwww that's gross, he could be your son!"

Me: "What? Age is just a number, we'd have a special bond me and Zac. I just know it"

Ziggy: "Nooooo stop saying that"

Me: "You're just upset because YOU like him, but he's mine!!!!"

Ziggy: "Stooooooop!!!"

She's so fun... it was a great night. I spent it with my two favorite chicks. Oh, and I got to watch Zac Efron dance.

If I were only 17 again....


SharonK said...

I think the reason I needed you to watch the movie with me was to validate the oh-so-wrong feelings I had while sitting in the movie theatre watching this boy-child-man.

I wish I disagreed, I've never found younger men attractive but... I will stick by my original story. It was the adult characteristics that he portrayed that I found attractive. Not his rockin' hot abs. Nor his dance moves. Nor his boyish charms and twinkling smile. No sirree.

Anonymous said...

Tracy said: I'm creating a magazine for women of a certain age who still appreciate fine young men. I'm calling it CougarBeat!