Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome back #12

Dear Tom Brady,

Last night was quite a night. I had not seen you in so long (53 weeks to be exact, but who's counting?). I've missed you. I have to admit, I was not crazy about what you were wearing...red does nothing for you. It just seemed wrong not seeing you in blue. Blue is definitely your color, it brings out your eyes. I'm just sayin'.

I was worried about you at first, you just didn't seem like yourself. Short passes, incompletions and interceptions were so unlike the old Tom. Where was that guy who drove the ball down field with no mercy? The man who barely ever missed his mark? I blame it on the red uniforms.

But then, something wonderful happened. You found your mojo again. The football gods were on our side when Buffalo fumbled the ball...that dude should never have gone for it. I'd hate to be him today.

And then, just like that, there he was...the Tom Brady I've grown to love. With less than 2 minutes on the clock, you marched your team down the field like the good old days. That pass to Watson in the end-zone to take the lead was a thing of beauty. It brought a tear to my eye.

So, welcome back Tom - but in the future...how about a little less drama? I'm just not sure I can handle another emotional roller coaster ride like last night!

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SharonK said...

Hey doesn't he pitch for the Red Sox? hee hee