Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cometh the Church Ladies

Church lady?

Oh yeah, you know the one.

When we think of church we think of that lady. The Church Lady with a capital "Ch".

e/She was hysterical, I have to admit.

And I'm sure there are Church Ladies out there just like that.

Thankfully I'm not one of them.

I don't think.

Please, please tell me I'm not like that???

I mean, sure I believe in God And yes, I go to church. Every week actually. And yes, I pray. A LOT - especially lately.

But a Church Lady?

That I am definitely not.

I mean, I'm not right?

Wellllll... um. Huh.


If I'm a Church Lady TK is not going to be happy.

Ziggy and Moose are going to pretend they don't know me.

Because Church Ladies are crazy. Cuh-ray-zee. Nuts. And not very likeable.

Me? Church Lady????

Saturday Night Live did inspire a whole nation to become familiar with that one type of Church Lady. Come on, say it with me - "Could you be, oh I don't know, SATAN?"

And that is what a Church Lady is all about, right? Judgemental and sanctimonious of course. Only kind to other Church Ladies. Church Ladies that go to a certain church and believe in certain things. A holier-than-thou finger-pointing, how-dare-you, holy-rolling, bible-thumping, I-would-never type.

Really, what other type of church lady is there?

Well, this past weekend I met a whole new type of Church Lady. The type of Church Lady that you wouldn't ever in a million years dream of calling a Church Lady.

Cindy Kyzer of Crossroads Baptist Church, along with a dedicated team of other, um, church ladies, did an incredible job hosting the Ladies Retreat in Falmouth, MA. The theme was The Amazing Race but it could easily have been called The Amazing Weekend.

Thank you to everyone that put their time, effort and heart into making my first retreat, well, Amazing (yes Doreen, I hate that word but it fit. Whatever!)

So what does a Church Lady look like? See for yourself...

Oh and by the way Pastor, next retreat - Bermuda!!!


Doreen said...

It looks like it was an amazing journey. I'm sorry I missed it!

TK said...

Ya TK is concerned...I prefer a little devil in my women!!

Tay said...

Proud to be a church lady !

Anonymous said...

April said...
Beware, there are church ladies everywhere! Some of them are just afraid to be out and proud. So, I say if you are a closet church lady, come out and be counted! And if you are one of those "Church Ladies", be quiet and stop giving us a bad name!