Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm addicted to my blackberry phone. I see that little red blinking light notifying me that I have a voice mail message, a text message, an email or someone commented on my face book page and I just can't ignore it. I try to look away, I try to carry on with what I'm doing. Yet I still find myself glancing at that blinking red light, calling me... taunting me and I just can't resist.

I feel naked without my phone. Like I can't survive the day without it.

I vaguely recall a time when I could remember the phone numbers of all of my friends. If you asked me today, chances are I might remember one or two. There was once a time when people couldn't reach me at any given moment, day or night. Remember the days before caller ID? Every phone call was like a surprise. Who could it be on the other end of the phone? Now, we know. We always know.

My phone takes pictures, sends emails, let's me browse the Internet, keeps my appointments, makes mini movies, plays music and keeps me in touch with every person I've ever gotten contact information for. Remember when a phone's only purpose was to ring?

I'm not the only one with this psycho addiction. Every where I go, people are on cell phones, they are sitting with a group of people and still they text, send email or take a call. Cell phones have made us all rude and inconsiderate people. It used to be that you'd go out to dinner with friends, and they'd have your full attention. Now, it's acceptable to have a conversation with someone while sending a text simultaneously with someone else. It's alright to answer a call mid sentence because "I've been waiting for this call".

Are we all that important? Really?

Here are a few other cell related items that I'd like to point out

  1. Cell phones that ring during a movie, people they even TELL you to turn your ringers off before the show begins.
  2. Before cell phones, drunk dialing was less likely to happen. Basically you'd have to wait until you got home and by that time - let's face it - we're just so drunk and tired at that point that we just pass out.
  3. Drunk texting - no good ever comes from this
  4. Stalker's dream come true. Not only can a stalker reach you at home, but now they can email you, text you and call your cell. When you don't answer, they just don't get the hint. You know who you are.
  5. 7 Year old kids with cell phones. Enough said.

So these are just a few observations that I could think of regarding cell phones. Is there something I've missed?

Regardless of it all, I won't give up my blackberry...and you just can't make me.


OHN said...

I went to the grocery store last week, leaving my phone at home. Youngest son yelled at me when I came home..."I tried to call you, and you DIDN'T HAVE YOUR PHONE".

You would have thought I murdered the dog before I left.

I had to explain to him that sometimes a mom just doesn't want to be tracked.

TK said...

Boy am I glad I'm not addicted to my blackberry, facebook and the like.

SharonK said...

TK, we all know better but nice try.

Doreen - trying taping your thumb to your pointer finger and see if that doesn't break the habit. Ever try a QWERTY keyboard without your thumb? Or duct tape over that little blinky light maybe?

Anonymous said...


I can't relate. No cell phone... kourse I hardly ever leave the house... but there are many days I disconnect the phone and even days I turn off the computer.

I think this constant availability is bad for people and very bad for society. People need NEED alone time - private "I will NOT be disturbed" time. Used to have that while driving. But not now.


Little Ms J said...

Oh, Lord, I am an offender. I have a personal cell phone with web and text and then a Crackberry with work email. I am a disaster. I start checking emails before I even get out of bed. I literally pull the phone under the covers and stare at it with my one good morning eye... the right one.

I do, however, refuse to check my phone while I'm a dinner because I HATE it when others leave their phones on the table while we're together. It annoys the hell out of me.

SharonK said...

Hey Little Miss J - I think there's a support group for that.

And if not I think I need to start one... My name is Sharon. And I'm an Addict.