Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Four Letter Words, the first in a series

Four letter words. When did they get such a bad rap?

What four letter word were you thinking of when you read today's title?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Tsk tsk. I'm ashamed for you.

No my pets, no trash talking today. Today's four letter word is - MORE.

As in "Eighty-four Ginsu knives for $19.99? Yes, but wait there's more!"

As if eighty-four Ginsu knives weren't enough to entice us to drop a twenty, we want more. But when does more become too much?

There was a woman who used to work with me. Let's call her, oh Queebee. Queebee was at the company a few years before me but was also a sales rep. No senior title, all sales reps are created equal and all that. All we needed to do was sell. A lot. Like any good sales rep, we were both motivated by what else?


And by more I mean more money. More clients, more accounts, more pats on the back, sure but really all that boiled down to was more money. Which, if we're being honest, is what a sales rep should be motivated by.

So what do you do when you want more money? Yep, we worked hard. We made more money.
Good, yes?

But then I wanted more something else. I saw things that could be changed, improved, tweaked. Marketing plans, business plans, growing the sales staff, changes in internal staff, competing in the new millennium.

I wanted more responsibility, more challenges, more growth.

Fast forward a few years and I'm in my corner office, it may be a weekday or it may be a weekend, no difference. I'm at my desk looking at the wall with a pile of more on my desk.

And to be honest, I was happy. I needed more to make me happy.

Queebee? She wanted more, too. She was tired of more money. Didn't want more clients. But she wanted more something. More anything.

So she went to my boss at the time, now my partner, and asked for more.

More what, he asked?

More, she said.

Ok, help me out here Queebee. More.... ah, business?

No, I have enough business. But I want more. Like she has. More of what she has.

Um. Ok, well she wrote a business plan, and a marketing plan and did more for a while and then came to me and then asked for more again with a sales plan and charts and graphs and and and and. Sooooo.... whatcha got?

Huh? Listen, I just want more. More! I can't do all that stuff. I don't want to do all that stuff. But I want more. Just gimme more! Give it to me! Give it to me right now!!!

There was some other four letter words used - the kind you were thinking of way back at the beginning of this post - and maybe some crashing of thrown objects ensued.

Queebee won. She did get more. More frustrated. More petty. More mean. More jealous.

Fast forward to today. I have my more, I love my more but I have come to an agreement with more.
And sometimes less is more.

My more today is more of all that yes, but also more sense of accomplishment. More giving back. Definitely more delegation.

Also, finally, more perspective. And with that, more free time on weekends. More realization of what's important. And what's not. I have more work, sure but also much more life.


Oh she has more, too. More jobs on her resume, that is.


Anonymous said...

Laughin SO hard I can bearly type, I yam I yam!

Writing as another who always wants more and works so hard to get it I understand, believe me. And word of warning to those who want to stand betwixt me and my well earned MORE, don't. I'll plow ya down. Because, for me, more means less - I see the direct relationship between more money and less worries, less headaches, less fretting.

Bring on the more, I'll have a better response than "uhmmmm"! :)

sighned, Herredon, as IF you didn't nose me!

Anonymous said...

Great blog this mornin! Great way to wake up, reading that blog!

Now, I wonder who was the subject... hmmmm hmmm hmm hmmm... (better NOT have been ME!!!) and it made me feel so much better about my own life's stuff, too! Thanks for that. :)

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

I would also like me a set of them ginsus, please.

Doreen said...

There are always people like Queebee (I am refraining to use her real name because of course I know who you are referring to). There is nothing wrong with wanting more, as long as you're willing to work for it. It is the people who just expect it soley because they have been at a job longer makes no sense to me.

I have two words for Queebee.

Adios beeach.

Stephanie Faris said...

Someone put it like this 20 years ago and it's always stuck with me. If you died tomorrow, eventually your workplace would replace you. Everyone would remember you for a while, but life would go on. The only place we're not replaceable OR forgettable is home. With our families. So that's where we should put our emphasis.

Lisa and Laura said...

Um, yeah. We always want more, but we're willing to work our little asses off for it. We get an agent, we want a book deal. We get a book deal, we want a huge print run. We get a huge print run, we want to sell more books. It never ends. I guess the trick is to keep striving, but to figure out a way to enjoy where you're at in the process. A tall order.

TK said...

If you want more while doing less the line forms to the left. All others join me in the line on the right. Hard work may kill you but the sense of accomplishment is worth it. I am entitled to nothing!!

Little Ms J said...

I can totally relate to this post. I have my more and I'm exhausted. I want more in the writing world, but now I have no idea how I would juggle it!