Monday, October 26, 2009

The Prom

Well the big dance, or as they say here in the south, the cotillion, has ended.

I'm sitting on the pool deck listening to the waves hit the sand in beautiful Myrtle Beach (sorry, I just can't say that enough this week) and ruminating over the past few days.

Like most dances, I'm glad I went.

Like most dances, I am so glad it's over.

Huh? What'd you say?

It was a conference and not a dance?


You could've fooled me.

The South Carolina Writer's Workshop sure felt like a dance.

After all, writers from every genre and walk of life were in attendance, stressing over what to wear and say and on their best behavior. Hoping, no praying, to get noticed by one of the "cool kids", aka the agents and editors. Sure felt like high school.

Do I approach him first or would that be totally uncool of me?

Should I smile or would eye contact make me seem like a total loser?

OMG, quick, tell me how much you love my opening chapter really really loud, I think he's coming this way!!!

I had a good time. I made some new friends. And while no one did bring me a corsage I will get over it. Eventually.

But like every dance, um conference, the most exciting part of the event is, of course, the gossip afterwards the awards at the end of the event.

In that vein I have been elected by an overwhelmingly unanimous vote of one to acknowledge individuals that have greatly contributed to my personal enjoyment of the SCWW.

Allow me to present the unofficial, unsanctioned and unconventional crowning of the Best of the Best 2009.
(While the awards are not yet ordered, I am seriously contemplating little bobble-headed-me's.)
I think I'm going to call them the Really Awards.

As in, really, there's an award for that?

And it's a bobble-headed you???

Yeah, I know. How cool is that?

I give you, in no particular order, the 2009 Really Award Winners:

Best Keynote Speaker - Steve Berry. Of course he was the only keynote speaker. But had there been more than one he still would've been the best. Unless it was, say, Dr. Seuss. Because there's one author I would've loved to hear. But other than that, totally Steve Berry.

Busiest Bartender in Myrtle Beach - Phillip of the Lounge. Is the Hilton seriously not aware that we are writers? Hello Hilton, guess what writers do when they aren't writing??? Understaff much?

Best SCWW Staff Member - ALL of you! I will have matching little bobble headed awards made up for each of you. Well with my face on it of course. Fabulous job y'all. Hee hee, I love saying y'all.

Friendliest Writer Sisters - D.C. Stanfa and Sherry Stanfa-Stanley. The unofficial welcoming team of the SCWW.

Best Skinny Mirrors in a Hotel - Room 1218, Hilton Myrtle Beach. You get me on this, right? Now if only the mirror could give me a healthy glowing tan and reduce blemishes I'd probably never leave.

Best Socializing by a Children's and Horror Story Writer - Tray. Were you here? Then yes, you met Tray.

Most Patient Agent in a Session - Elaine Spencer. We all felt your pain, girl. And you handled the questions from the question-spewing machine with grace. I would've handled them with a hammer, but that's just me.

Best Line Spoken by an Agent
- we have a three-way tie on this one. Janet Reid, for "Do you have pages with you?" Janet Reid for "No, don't shove it in a shoebox and put it under your bed. Not yet anyway." and Matthew Mahoney for "What are you looking to do? Do you want an agent?"

Coolest Accessory - Flight goggles, or whatever you call them. Don't know your name, but dude who wore them - nice touch.

Awesomest Advice - "Write for you, not for them." Overheard in between sessions.

Best Thing Heard This Weekend - Waves crashing on the beach. Duh.

Highlight of My Last Day - The restaurant had Honey Nut Cheerios. Does it get any better than that?

Most Courageous Writer - Anyone that pitched Scott Eagan. Not I, said the mouse.

Most Useful Session Attended - Nikki Poppen aka Bronwyn Scott. A romance novelist, Nikki taught an interesting session on tense and point of view that, I have to admit, was the only session I actually took notes in. I don't read romance novels but if I ever do, I will totally read yours.

Agent Most Likely to Be Invited to Beck House - Matthew Mahoney. If he's Beck House material then do I even need to say it? Ok, I will. Yeah, he kinda rocked.

So there you have it, the 2009 Really Awards.

Want your own Really Award? Do something I'd dig and I'll see what I can do for you (I'm kinda tight with the judge).

Happy Monday!!!


Anonymous said...

Flight goggles. I am intrigued.

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

You receive my personal award for Best Friend Made this weekend! What a fabulous conference and great trip! Looking forward to more blog posts and continued friendship.


sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Oh, and the guy with the flight goggles? Nick Valentino, steam punk author of Thomas Riley. Great guy. Check out his website and his writing:

Little Ms J said...

I'm glad you had a great time! Anyone there cool enough to jump into the crazy world of WOFE?

SharonK said...

Thanks Sherry - I will chceck out his blog, he was quite the character!

Hmmmm, have to think about that Little Ms J however I have a few agents in mind to rep it!

TK said...

And the Prom King and Queen are?? BTW the BECK House membership committee has to vote on any new entrants so if HE wants in he has to go before the entire group :)

Nick Valentino said...

Thanks for finding me! Next time I'm going to get everyone's picture with the goggles on. Thanks for the award! It was a great conference. I had a blast.