Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Happens In Vegas...

You may have noticed half of our little party is missing this week.

I know.

She left with not so much as a good-bye to you. And she's not usually like that. Really. But between party prep for the Fall Dinner Party and packing for her trip I guess she didn't have time for you.

What? No, no don't be hurt. She'll be back soon and right back to posting. I promise.

Now stop that!

I'm sure she's not writing for Vegas, with its shiny and glitzy followers. Even though Vegas holds the thrill of doubling her followers if she lets it ride.

Even though Vegas wears sequins. And high honkin' heels.

We know Vegas isn't any more glamorous than we are, in spite of the fact that it's the playland for celebrities. And mafia. And wannabes.

Doreen loves us just as we are.

Doreen doesn't mind that we read her blog in our holey sweatpants (holey as in full of holes, not holy as in blessed). She still serves us up a dose of Reality covered in Chocolate, in spite of the fact we haven't brushed our teeth most mornings before logging in.

She remembers back to the beginning, when you were excited by the thought of reading a new post. The enthusiasm in your comments. How you talked about our blog to anyone that would listen, because it was new and fresh and you loved it. And us.

There's history. We have a past. And a future.

Doreen knows that every relationship settles into a comfortable lull. That every follower eventually comes to take us for granted just a little bit. You feel security and safety in knowing we'll be here today. And tomorrow. And again the day after. That the blog will go on, even if you don't give it the comments it desires. Even if you are overwhelmed with washing the dishes and taking the kids to soccer.

So you can't comment tonight? She understands.

You haven't commented in weeks? That's alright.

You only comment once a month? Sometimes not even that often?

Oh, it's ok. You're busy. She gets it.

She's a loyal blogger and not easily distracted by the bright lights and late nights. The enticement and excitement of a new follower.

One who thinks her every written word is witty and humorous and daring.



Even Doreen is human.

Every blogger wants to feel wanted. And loved.

Doreen asked me not to mention this but I think you should know.

It's only fair to tell you.

Vegas promised to comment on her posts. A lot. And on mine too.

You know how we both love comments.

Hey I'm not saying Doreen is leaving you for Vegas! Stop sniffling. I'm not saying that at all.

She's on a trip! It's a business trip! She wouldn't have left you to go to Vegas if she didn't have to. You know that!

She is there.
And so is temptation.

All I'm saying is that you might want to pay more attention to her. Let her know Vegas has nothing on you.

Show her what you're made of, you're not going to let Vegas move in on your blogger.

Remind her of why you became a follower. Let her know this relationship isn't one sided.

When she gets back let her know you missed her.

Comment often. With enthusiasm. And passion.

And maybe brush your teeth first?


Doreen said...

You are so funny, I'm not sure anyone other than you, my boy and maybe batman miss far as the blogging goes, everyone knows YOU are the heart and soul of this blog, I'm just along for the ride. I'm leaving today, thank GOD! Vegas is not for me, even with it's glitzy lights and the sounds of the slot machines....taunting me, calling me to just give them I try. But I was not tempted, no - I came, I worked and now I am leaving. I can't wait to get home.

Little Ms J said...

You're funny! Hope you ladies are well.

Carolyn said...

Please don't feel taken for granted! I read faithfully every day! As for commenting, you have to understand that I am among the crowd (likely the leader) of the "witless". NO, not THAT kind of witless... those without wit. I am greatly intimidated to comment on blogs written so well. My comments would leave folks with the final thought after reading ... "Huh. Well, that was interesting... NOT!"

Anonymous said...


I ditto Carolyn.
As soon as I see it posted on FaceBook I'm openin that link licketysplit! It's an oasis in my daze - a drink of water in a sometimes parched environment.

But "commenting" intimidates me... sometimes.

And, frankly, sometimes the blogs seem so purrrrsinal that I feel a voyeur for even reading!

But I always read... sometimes it's nice to be a voyeur in someone's thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Perfect passionate powerful phenomenal- well-maybe not but definitely fun to read :-)

SharonK said...

Hey this is the most comments we've seen in a while!

I'm feeling the love... keep it coming!!!