Friday, October 16, 2009

The Whim of the Woman With the Nails

I'm at a Retreat this weekend so won't actually have time to write... but I just had to put this out into the universe.

There is a woman. With some crazy long dark red squared off nails. Her head is surrounded by a tangled mess of hair that may or may not see a brush regularly. The same head that only seems to work in one direction - shaking back in forth ever so slowly in the universal symbol for "NO".

The rest of my story will be told later.

But for now it's your turn - where do you think the story goes from here???


Life with Kaishon said...

I think she gets into a fight with the cashier at the grocery store and scratches her with her long red nails : ). Have fun at your retreat!

Carolyn said...

I think she is the Manager of the Barista's at the local snot (oops, I mean COFFEE) shop. She stands behind the counter, presiding over orders and who will get what they want, and who will get sludge scraped from the machine at the end of the last shift. Be careful to use the correct terminology for your order, or here comes the sludge!

Anonymous said...

Her Dawn:

The Red Nailed Woman is a "no"er not a knower. She is always saying NO to the universe, holding herself back, trying to repress others.

This weekend her job is to tsktsk and fret but not in an effort for Verbal Purrrfection, no.

In an effort to minimize the Unique Verses.

An effort with which she will be unsuccessful.

ps hope you had a good time and enjoyed the lovely weather (HA)

Tay said...

Having had my own personal encounters with "nails" and her co-office worker, I see yet again that this world is being strangled by negativity, and is starving for optimism, hope and assurance.

As for "nails," we can chose to see her as a weak, pessimistic, killjoy or a woman much like most of us, who has yet to break free from the strongholds that make it impossible for her to accept not only others but also herself.

Anonymous said...


kourse I do hope we all haven't miss judged her and she's suffering from tremors....