Friday, November 6, 2009

Concept vs Reality

Sometimes reality just can't be covered in chocolate.

But it's so much better.

You have the concept of reality.

Maybe you've had the concept for a long time. You know the concept. Intimately. It's familiar and comfortable, like oh I don't know, less like a pair of shoes and more like that oversized sweatshirt you wear to bed when you're out of sorts.

You wrap it around you. It envelopes you and just knowing it's there, you feel better.

And it's ok, that concept.

It's great, actually. It's something you should do, something you will do.

You're confident in the concept. You puff out your chest and you walk with a swagger. There's not a doubt in your mind. You're all like "Yeah, concept, it's me and you, baby. We're solid."

And then reality comes along. Faster than you expected, barreling at you with such force that you lose your breath.


Oh hello, reality.

Wasn't quite expecting you so soon.

May I offer you some chocolate?


Today, concept becomes reality for me. For us, actually.

Today we are going to change our lives and the lives of everyone around us. And the lives of two people we've never met but whose faces we've seen and whose life stories we've become as familiar with as our own.

In a few short hours, we are going to meet two little darlings whose concept is going to become our reality.

A reality sweeter than any chocolate you could ever dream of.

A reality bigger and scarier than the concept ever was or could be.

I can't imagine my life without Moose and Ziggy. They have made me who I am and they are what I live for.

Loving my children and knowing that there are other children out there that need love... well. Yeah.

Reality is here.

And it smells an awful lot like dirty diapers.

I can't wait.


TK said...

You had me right up until the "dirty diaper" part. You keep talking like that and I am going to jump of your Reality Train!!

Anonymous said...


I can't wait, either!!!
Can't wait for stories of problems to conquer and puke on the blouse and tails of tucking in!

Congratulations & beast wishes to ALL!

TK said...

Hey SB is tightness in the chest normal?

Carolyn said...

Congrats! What a wonderful set of parents you guys will make for those two lucky cherubs.

Anonymous said...

when they said todays date on the radio i thought... hmmmm what is so special about Nov 6th... no i know! :) Congratuatlions!

brenda m.

Amy Sue Nathan said...

I'm an outsider here -- and have no idea what's going on! Is it food for public consumption?

Whatever it is, I know it's good - but I don't want to assume I get it!

Doreen said...

I am bursting with joy for you both!! These two darling children are so very lucky to have you as parents. Their lives will forever be filled with love. I can't wait to meet them!!! I love you guys! xoxo

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Congrats! Glad those baskets from SCWW didn't jinx anything!

Anonymous said...

Sheilah - Your blog brought tears to my eyes. I am so touched. Good luck....

Let me know what you need from me in the coming weeks the rollercoaster has begun!!! Yay!