Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four Letter Words, second in a series

Steph in the City nailed it with her comment a few weeks ago (check out her blog) The next four letter word in the series is...

It sounds good.

It is good.

Not all words are created equal. Some sound horrible but mean something wonderful.

For example - Doreen's cakes are awesome, especially her coconut mango cake. Delicious, sweet and moist. Eek!

See what I mean? One of those words that means something good but just saying it is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Moist. Yuck. Sorry coconut mango cake, don't make me say it again.

But home.

Now there's a word that sounds so good even if you didn't know what it meant well, just saying it makes me feel better. Like sinking into a cushy chair. Ahhhhhh. Home.

Dorothy had it right. Not only did she wearing a pair of shoes that totally rocked Oz, they also had that magic power that took her to the one place we all want to be.

Yeah, home.

Home is where the heart is. Not Home is where the cool plasma tv hangs.

Home on The Range. Yes home. Not House-I-Live-in on the Range.

Home Alone. Excellent movie.

Home Run. Woooo!!! But only when we're talking Red Sox.

Home Depot. I adore that place.

What's the first website you go to when you boot up? That's right, your home page.

So what makes a home? Four walls? A roof? Running water?

I'm pretty sure my office has all of those things but I sure don't call it home.

I love where I live. And as houses go, it's an incredible structure of glass, wood, metal and other things that I know nothing about (but pretty sure I could find out about at Home Depot).

But a house is not a home until you fill it. With people, not stuff. Whether it's one of you, two of you, four, six or eleven it doesn't matter.

My definition of home?

Home is where my people are.

TK, Moose, Ziggy, three furry friends and soon, two ankle biters.

I just can't think of a better four letter word.


Woman in Love said...

Her Dawn:

Home for me has only 1 human, 3 cats and an occassional just post-ankle biter.

For me, home is the only place where I am truly free to be myself and it is, therefore, a place I rarely leave.

Home, aaahh, yes a warm word for a warm place! (ps you eat words with your being as do eye)

Doreen said...

I love this blog. To me, home is where your people are and to coin the over used phrase "Home is where the heart is". I've see three different houses that you've occupied and every single one of them always felt like home.
BTW, now I'm craving coconut mango cake!

Anonymous said...

so true, yours felt very homey all filled up yesterday. can't wait for the next invite that
includes one of your homecooked meals.