Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is Miley Cyrus the new Lindsay Lohan?

Little darling gone trampy rocker?


I have to admit, I may have missed something. I thought Miley was still sixteen.

A teenager.

A minor.

A role model.

Hannah Montana.


Yeah. But um, no.

When Miley performed Joan Jett's "I Love Rock and Roll" I realized I may have missed something.

Ziggy tried to warn me.

"I like her music mom, but I really don't like her."


"Well, I like her music. But Miley's a slut."

Oh. But we already have tickets so...

I can't say for sure but if I took a peek back stage it's very possible both Britney Spears and Madonna were on her costume staff. And perhaps gave the girl a few pointers on dance moves too.

Black leather short-short body suit thingy for opening act. Black spandex and mesh short-short body suit while she dance/grinded with a young man a la Madonna. I forget what she was wearing when she sat on a Harley that flew on tethers over the crowd but it was short short something or other.

Hey I'm not her mother but I am a mother who paid the premium price for the tickets. Considering the average age of her fans is somewhere between 6 and 16, you'd think there would be some sort of disclaimer.

Concert Warning: Strobe lights used during show. Excessive noise levels in stadium. Hoochie clothes worn and inappropriate dancing by trampy performer.

A little pre-show warning may have prevented a stadium filled with little girls, dressed in spangly shiny Hannah Montana-esque attire, from getting lock-jaw while their mouths hung open.

And don't even get me started on her opening act, Metro Station. Brother Cyrus screamed, jumped and flipped his guitar around, channeling Axel Rose while lifting his shirt to wipe his nose, exposing more of his tattoo-riddled body.

Yeah, family entertainment at it's finest.


Anonymous said...


Well, once again concept vs. reality....

and if a Harley were flyin over me I would forget whatever the rider was wearin, too... yikes!

TK said...

It's a shame that with the average age being so young at the concert that they feel this is appropriate. And people wonder why so many kids moral compasses are screwed up

Cara and Jenn said...

I saw the Party in the USA video and was like whoa what happened Miley? Daddy's got his career back, Mommy and brother are livin' large - No one is looking out for that girl, they are just making $$$. Parental Responsibility is what it all comes down too - my parents would have never let me out of the house at 16 dressed like that. Another Train Wreck waiting to happen...

Anonymous said...

Her Dawn:

It seems so often "stars" are made of little kids who cannot possibly handle the pressures.

They are continually thrust into situations for which no child - and few adults - are prepared and then given little guidance by those who should be there to shield them.

It is a disturbing situation and destined to become more common as parents allow everyone but themselves to rear their young'uns.

(don't I sound old as the hills... kids today...)