Thursday, November 19, 2009

One of Those Days...

Today was one of those days.

It was good.

It was bad.

It was good again.

You get the idea. It will definitely take a few weeks before I figure out if the actual outcome of Wednesday, November 18th was a good day or a bad day.

Woke up next to my husband, who I had been cuddling with. Good.

Husband forgot to reset alarm clock before he left for the airport. Bad.

Woke up anyway because my body told me to. Good.

Ran out of milk for the Rugrats. Bad.

Got the car sort of defrosted before the Rugrats and I drove Ziggy to school. Good.

Forgot how much work it was getting Rugrats ready to leave the house in the morning, so left 15 minutes late. Bad.

No traffic, made it on time. Good.

Took rugrats for visit with foster mom they had lived with since January, Rugrats seemed very unsettled by visit. Bad.

My other BFF, my soulmate Trixie, was coming over for lunch and to meet the Rugrats for the first time. Good.

Trixie found a lump yesterday, followed by a series of mammograms and ultrasounds this morning and there appears to be reason for concern. Bad. Very very bad.

Biopsy is scheduled for next week and I am going with her. Good.

My soulmate might have cancer. So bad I can't write it without crying.

I didn't cry while she was here. Good.

I just don't know what I'm going to do while we're waiting to find out. Bad.

TK listened to me cry and offered to come home from his trip, because he is the best husband in the whole world. Good.

An employee that was problematic sent an email that said "I quit" and walked out. Both good and bad but more good and in the grand scheme of things, who cares???

Had a great dinner with Ziggy and Rugrats, followed my wonderful, sweet, beautiful Ziggy giving the Rugrats a bath and helping me put them to bed. Good.

The dog ate pizza off the table today, is allergic to wheat so will probably be up all night either barking, barfing or worse. Bad.

Rugrats are almost asleep, Ziggy and I are going to snuggle and watch a movie and the day is almost over. Good.

If Trixie doesn't have cancer but just lumpy boobs - then the day will go down in history as one of the best days in my entire life.

I will remember it as a day when I was reminded, in a very huge way, how my life rocks. How important family is, whether they are born to you, like Moose and Ziggy, brought to you, like TK and Trixie, or given to you, like the Rugrats.

My life has been blessed and I will thank God for it every day for the rest of my life, no matter what the outcome.

But if Trixie has cancer...

Oh God, please don't let Trixie have cancer.


TK said...

Honey it usually does take events like this for people to realize how lucky they are. She WILL BE OK. I wish I was there to hug you.

Carolyn said...

Even if it is cancer (and I pray for her it is not) she will be OK! Why? Mostly because she already has an amazing support system (you) that will help her be strong enough to kick it's a**.
You may not know now what you will do if the pathology comes back with "bad"... but you WILL know then. It will come naturally to you, because you are a good friend and instincts will kick in.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Doreen said...

Trixie is in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Trixie is lucky to have you and, because God is in control, it will work out the way He has planned. The best part? You get to be part of that plan!

Little Ms J said...

Love this, my dear. Hope all is well with Trixie.

Debbie said...

I will add my prayers in with yours that Trixie does not have cancer.