Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two Years... and no one got hurt!

That's a direct quote from my husband... it's what he put on our calendar for today, our second anniversary.

Gotta love him.

And hey, here's an interesting fact - we share our anniversary with the movie "Say Anything". Maybe TK will stand outside my window with a boombox over his head?

One year ago our first anniversary was spent wandering the West Coast - from fireside massages at the Carmel Valley Ranch to cocktails at the Ritz Half Moon Bay to dinner with friends in San Francisco's Chinatown to a private wine tasting at the Ledson Winery in Sonoma.

No, not all in one day.

Two years ago today we married on the island of Nevis in the West Indies. Six days on the island with a small group of friends and family.Bonfires on the beach and days spent lounging by the pool all led up to the most romantic wedding I could've ever imagined. Six more days in St Kitts after waving goodbye to the friends and family. Bliss.

How can you top that?

Year Two.

The Big um, Two.

Doesn't sound like much. Two. Which is nothing compared to how long some of our friends have been married but for us - wow.

The fact that we are even married - to each other no less - still amazes me.

When TK asked if I wanted to return to Nevis for our second anniversary, or if we should run to St Thomas for a few days or maybe go to NYC where he proposed for a weekend getaway well, I did my thing. I jumped online, researching hotels and packages and flights and dates...

Then I thought about it.

We are spending the day, and night, playing tourist in our own backyard. Something I've been wanting to do all year. We've never been to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in Boston. Or walked the Freedom Trail. Or had a drink while listening to the music that plays 365 nights a year at Wally's Jazz Cafe.

I can't wait. It's the perfect day spent with my favorite person.

Happy Second Anniversary baby. Thank you for the past two years - looking forward to at least two more!


Anonymous said...


Only 2 years? Seriously? I thought it was at least 5... when I read 2 I admit I wanted to argue but decided you probably...well, might, anyway, know what you're talking about.

Congratulations on the 2 years, the continued love and happy and on having a beautiful day to tour our fair city!

Sending love and thoughts,

Little Ms J said...

Happy Anniversary!

PS - What is up with the graffiti car?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! fairy tales do EXIST! you know me
i would have added some shopping to the mix.

TK said...

I think I can make the next 2 years but then we should evaluate where this relationship is going :)