Monday, December 21, 2009

The Dark Side

I always wondered what tempted good people to go bad.

What would bring a respectable, decent, upstanding person to cross that line.

To leave a world of sanity and normalcy.

To voluntarily traverse to a world of sin, despair and darkness.

There are books written on it.

Religious leaders of all beliefs pray, talk and preach about it.

Parents warn their children about it.

Today I wonder no more.

I have found the answer.

The Dark Side has a marketing plan. And it's working.

Caution: they're coming for you next. And I hear they're serving oatmeal chocolate chip.


TK said...

Just another thing I can blame other than myself...cookies! And SB I always thought it was you who got me to the darkside

sherry stanfa-stanley said...

Oh my God, I just received a gift bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies THIS VERY MORNING! I already ate three for breakfast (feeling totally justified, BTW, since it would have been rude not to). I had no idea my co-worker was Evil in Disguise, doing a bit of recruiting. Ah well, I was probably on the highway to hell anyway...

Little Ms J said...

If I'm going to the dark side for a freaking cookie I really want it to be something stronger than a raisin. Chocolate chips or "funny" cookies, maybe. Oatmeal is for girls.

Anonymous said...

Herredon said... Ya, the Road to Heaven is paid with good intentions but the Road to Hell is crumbled with cookie bits! It's a row worth ho-ho-hoeing! :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh Cookies.