Monday, December 14, 2009

The Great School Debate, round 6. No wait, 7. 8 maybe?

High School.


Ziggy is almost there, according to her age and the chronological order of grade levels.

Ziggy is already there, according to her intellectual aptitude as well her parent-directed attitude.

If we lived in a town where the high school was exceptional there would be no debate. Our public high school would be a great option.

But in our town, not so much.

It was a great school for Moose, who would rather die than have to wear a uniform to school every day (jokes on you Moose, I say to he who wears a tie to work now). Moose was, and still is, a bright boy. School just wasn't his thing and that's ok.

Ziggy however... school is very much her thing.

Kindergarten - already reading, the teacher had Zig tutoring the other kids in colors and the alphabet.

First and second grade - Ziggy wanted extra homework because she was bored. The teacher gave her what the other students did and then a special assignment.

Third grade - after watching some pretty intense surgeries on the Discovery channel, Zig decides she's going to be a doctor.

Throughout grammar school her favorite tv viewing time included watching a c-section, the seperation of conjoined twins and pretty much any type of surgery.

Ziggy's Master Plan takes shape. She will go to medical school at either Harvard, NYU or Stanford (how it's being paid for isn't part of her plan).

Sixth grade - Zig narrows her chosen field down to cosmetic surgery. I try to work out a barter - face lift upon graduation from her medical residency. Maybe a boob job too. No deal.

About this time she also chose her high school. Her decision was based upon some very important factors.

Ok, one important factor.

Her friends, the ones not going to public high school, are going there.

From that time until now Ziggy has made it quite clear. She will be attending Big Catholic High School.

TK and I are not against it.

We are not for it.

We need more information before we can commit one way or another. So together, with Ziggy, we tour four schools.

TK and I quickly eliminate one school, Dilapidated Catholic.

Ziggy loves it, of course. Second only to Big Catholic.

Ziggy quickly eliminates another - All Girl Catholic.

Naturally TK and I are completely smitten with everything about it.

The three of us do agree that Private Elitist Prep is definitely not for Ziggy.

And Big Catholic, Tour Number Four?

As the crowds pushed through the open house of this enormous high school, our tour guides skipped over classrooms that were too congested for us to enter. We nodded to a teacher from afar, his bespectacled face peering out from behind a throng of parents and would-be students.

He looked like a good teacher. He really did.

Hard to tell since we never actually spoke. But his nod was filled with vast knowledge and a deep understanding of the teenage mind. I could just sense it.

The one thing we did see was the gym, which was something out of High School Musical. I almost broke out in song and dance.

The truth is TK and I couldn't make heads or tails out of Big Catholic. If wide hallways and a cool gym were important factors then our decision would be sooo easy.

Sadly, neither were high on our lists.

Now if Zac Efron happened to be a student there, well, that's another story. I would be going back to high school too.

Ultimately TK and I loved the feel of All Girls Catholic. Geographically a bit far for us, we agreed we'd be willing to sacrifice the shorter commute in exchange for a smaller school. A keen sense of community. An annual mission trip. Full immersion languages. Beautiful campus. A freshman sleepover in August to begin the friendships that would blossom over the next four years. High ranking SAT scores. Not to mention college scholarships that averaged 65K per student.

So here we are.

Big Catholic vs All Girl Catholic.

Ziggy applied to both. She wrote her essay for All Girl last night and all I can say is, I'd accept her.

Tuesday she writes her essay for Big Catholic.

I'm fairly confident she will be accepted at both.

I am also fairly confident the next few months will be filled with all sorts of interesting debates and plea bargains.

God help me.

Ziggy, all I can say is if you really want to go to Big Catholic, really, really, really want to go, it's time to bring your A game. Sharpen your debate skills and do your research. Like you said in your essay last night, you need to be in it to win it.

Because this is it.

Decision time.

Oh yeah, it's on.

Let the games begin.


Karls said...

Man! Heavy stuff schooling!

TK said...

Unfortunately 13 year old debating involves us being told we don't understand, lots of eye rolling, crying, stomping will be ugly. Honestly I think "old school" parents had it right when they gave us no choice in the matter

Little Ms J said...

Ok, so I'm going to be The Devil's Advocate. Dontcha think that All Girls will make Your Girl wonder more and more about Those Boys? I hear a lot about the chicklets that leave all girl schools. I won't tell you the things I hear because you can rent any movie, but let's just say that Boys become so much more interesting when kept at bay.


A Very Sheltered Girl Who Turned Into A Very Big Slut

Ziggy said...

Oh, it's on mother.

SharonK said...

Ha! Ziggy I so adore you...

Miss J - We also looked at another girls' school "Ho and Slut Catholic"... which, as my son said, would be perfectly acceptable for Ziggy if we wanted her to be a druggie, slut or lesbian.

I have faith that Ziggy will be fine wherever she winds up and that she won't become the type of girl we all talk about behind her back.

Or the other option is to board her up in her room and hire a nun to homeschool her. Forever.