Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last of the Pie

The last piece of my apple pie is gone and I'm pretty sure the pan was licked clean. The delectable apple pie filled with tender, sweet apples encased in a flaky crust with just a dusting of cinnamon was the point of contention between TK and I this past weekend as he stepped on the scale.

TK insisted I was the cause of his over-the-holidays-weight-gain. I argued the very valid point (in my opinion, which validates it just by the fact that it's my opinion) that I only made the pie, I didn't force him to eat it. Like the people that sue McDonald's for making their calorie and fat laden food too delicious to resist, I stand by my argument that a lack of willpower on his part does not make me the guilty party.

As the great debate raged on it reminded me of another pie-eating, or pie-making, incident.

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TK said...

You are evil SB...just remember the two pies that went straight to Halle's hips. No man or beast can resist

Anonymous said...

love that blog!!! but it also reminded me of our agreement i shop for you after thanksgiving and receive one pie in return.
Still waiting!!!! Spendy