Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Feet Don't Smell

It's true.

It dawned on me after my shower this morning as I was putting on a semi-clean pair of socks.

And it hit me.

My feet don't smell.

It was somewhere between an observation and an epiphany.

An epiphservation. Or an observiphany.
Felt the need to share this with you today.
You're welcome.


brenda said...

ha ha! mine never smell either! what a blessing for us

TK said...

The "rugrats" have turned you soft. I live with you so I know smelly feet are the least of your issues :)

Karls said...

Mine used to smell like rotting banana's mixed with a bag of Cheezels... these days, whilst the toe jam reeks of death, my actual feet smell fresh as a daisy!